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    Field to Fork Festival highlights

    16 May 2019

    What is it? A fun day for all the family with the aim of educating everyone about the journey food takes to our plate whilst providing a day out.

    What were the best bits? For me as a foodie, the farmer's market, so many food stands with samples and new ideas. It was excellent to talk to everyone, especially those who had started at harper and now have a business (like butterbelle). Supporting local cuisine is a passion of mine so this show was an excellent way for me to sample local foods which I otherwise would not have known about as I am not from this area.

    The atmosphere was friendly and inviting, the music stage outside the Bamford Library added some background noise and somewhere to go to watch. With so many people on site, it was nice for Harper to be so busy and full of life.

    Would I recommend going, why? Definitely, no question about it. I would recommend this. It is an excellent experience for everyone, and it's all free! There is so much to do in a small space, and with the weather being so lovely it really helped. If you have a love for food (who doesn't?) then this will be a feast for the senses.

    Also, as a Harper student living on campus, the festival was easy to access and it was lovely to see friends around. Being able to talk to locals allowed more connections with the area and the treasures it brings. 

    By Megan Bowles



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