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    Essential things to bring to university

    4 June 2019

    So with summer fast approaching, many people are now beginning to think about university and packing up. You might have accounted for most things, such as bedding, clothes and school supplies, but I have come up with a list of absolute essentials that I could not live without this year!

    1. Hangers for clothes. You won't have much space at uni, so hanging up as many clothes as you can, not only keeps them nice, but saves you lots of space.
    2. Socks. Especially if you are doing a course involving heavy use of wellies. It can get cold in wellies over the winter and socks are also great at preventing blisters!
    3. Extension cables. These are lifesavers. My room only has four outlets and they're all on one side of the room. Not only do extension cables allow me to use things in my bed, but it also means I can plug in more things (for example, my phone charger, lamp and alarm clock are all plugged into the extension cable near my bed). Just make sure they are brand new cables (keep the receipt!) or have them PAT tested before arriving.
    4. Earplugs. This is gonna sound obvious, but the SU is very loud, loud enough to damage your ears. Ear plugs can help stop you from damaging your ears by reducing how much noise reaches your eardrums. And, if you're the type of person who does not like loud noises, these can help reduce the ambient noise of people whilst you're trying to sleep. Alternatively, you could try noise-cancelling headphones!
    5. Mini fridge. Oh my gosh, a mini fridge. There is very limited space in the provided fridges, especially in some of the catered accommodation. Mini fridges allow you to keep your stuff in your room for a quick snack, chill drinks or even an ice lolly or two, without the risk of it being pinched or contaminated!
    6. A good stock of medicine. FRESHERS FLU IS REAL AND YOU WILL GET IT! Along with a few other sicknesses in all likelihood. Having paracetamol, ibuprofen, cold medicines, and a whole host of over the counter medication will be your friends.
    7. Tea, coffee, and biscuits. Very important for introducing yourself to your new flatmates when you move in, and a great way to make friends! It's also nice to have a cuppa before bed in your own time.
    8. Things you enjoy in your own personal time. This is SO important. You need things to relax otherwise you burn out incredibly quickly. Additionally, join a club or society that fits in for a bit of a break from studies.

    I hope these items help and have given you a few extra ideas about what to bring. Have a great rest of your summer!

    By Emma Wright



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