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    5 things to do before starting university

    26 September 2019

    1. Join freshers groups

      These are essential to start to get to know other people in your year before starting university. Some flats have group chats set up already which I found out once I started.

    2. Buy a house plant you love

      As a bit of a house plant fanatic, I really think plants are essential to any room. They add life and brightness whilst cleaning the air you breathe. Spider plants, cacti, pilea, monsteras and succulents are great house plants to keep, follow @ukhouseplants for excellent information on how to look after these plants.

    3. Print photos from home to put up and have personal touches

      This is essential for making your new space feel homely and reduce homesickness. Be careful not to damage your walls when sticking them up, use blue tack or command strips.

    4. Get organised with documents and your student account

      There are multiple benefits of a student bank account depending on which bank you choose. Ensure you have all documents required for enrolling upon arrival, for registering with the local doctors surgery. Also, ensure you have documents such as your national insurance number, you never know you may need this.

    5. Get your tech sorted

      A good laptop is essential for assignments and researching whilst studying. Make sure you have a reliable way of backing up documents, I use livedrive. Nothing is worse than losing all of your hard work!

    By Megan Bowles



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