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    From 2019 to 1999: Happy New Year from Harper Adams

    31 December 2019

    With the turn of the new year about to arrive, we have been taking a look back at how Harper Adams University has changed over the last twenty years. In the archives we discovered a student year book from 1999 and, while much has changed in our resources and research, student life is very much still the same!

    Pictures of students from each of the courses accompany their degree titles, contact details and, most importantly, their pet likes and dislikes as well as their personal motto and ambitions. While some students identify the areas they would like to work in, others aspired to be a millionaire by the time they were thirty instead! You can see some of the pictures below and see how much fashion has changed since the 90s...

    Previous principle, Wynne Jones, added in a letter addressed to the class of 1999. He wrote about his reminder that "the more you learn the greater the realisation that there is still more to learn", hoping that students will endeavour to continue their path into learning through research and in the workplace, much as we encourage students to do the same today. He also commented on the "genuine and precious friends" made at Harper Adams, and the connections made that will be taken out into the real world. Friendships are a vital part of the university experience, made in class or in the Students Union clubs and societies. A network of current students and alumni will always be there for their fellow Harper students for support, information and, most importantly, friendship.

    The student that compiled the year book wrote in their introduction, "I have realised that you only get out of Harper what you put in. This year I've tried to put in my all and, as a result, it has been one of the best years of my life." We hope that 2019 has been a productive year on campus for current students too; whether through paving the way in sustainability, pioneering new technology or getting engrossed in the future of agriculture. Student happiness and success is a vital part of why we do what we do and we hope that 2020 will be another great year on campus.

    Happy New Year!



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