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    Student Energy Saving Tips

    23 January 2020

    While we have looked at the larger scale projects across campus that are helping to save energy, it's also important to have some small scale practical tips that can help students make a difference. Even the smallest action, should people group together, can make an impact as well as helping to save money! Whether on campus or living in student housing, here are some easy ways to save energy this Big Energy Saving Week!

    Turn off appliances: Electricity can trickle, even if you've just left a charger plugged in. The best way to prevent waste energy is to turn off any plugs you aren't using and to remove products from the socket.

    Turn down your thermostat or switch off your radiators: By lowering the overall temperature of your room or house, you can save yourself a lot of money over the course of a year. Equally, closing doors to rooms not frequently used and switching off those radiators means you are not wasting energy in unused spaces.

    Leave doors open (if it's safe to do so): Staying in halls? If the corridor feels warm, it is worth leaving your door open and lowering your own radiator temperature to give yourself warmth while using less energy.

    Be smarter about water: Only use the water you really need! Whether that's through washing up, brushing your teeth or making a brew, try and conserve water where possible by not leaving taps running or over filling the kettle. N Power even suggest swapping out a bath once a week for a shower, just to show the difference in water waste.

    Batch cook meals: Microwaves use less energy than your oven top so not only does batch cooking save time so you can attend extracurricular activities, it means a one time use of a high energy activity to lower your overall use.

    Turn lights off: A basic tip! If you're not in the room, the light doesn't need to be on. Equally, investing in low energy light bulbs is a simple change to make energy saving easier.

    Monitor your use: Simply, be aware of what you use. Keeping an eye on devices, water use and low level sources of energy makes it habitual to make conscious decisions in regards to energy use.

    Let us know how you are working to save energy this Big Energy Saving Week through our social media on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!



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