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    World Wildlife Day

    3 March 2020

    As marked by the United Nations General Assembly, today is World Wildlife Day, held in recognition of the countless species of animals and plants that make up the world’s biodiversity. Now in its seventh year, the annual event is a day dedicated to remembering the importance of wildlife and committing to protection of global species.

    At Harper Adams, we work to provide an in depth study around the environment, sustainability and wildlife through a variety of degree courses. One such degree course is BSc (Hons) Wildlife Conservation and Environmental Management where first year student Emilia Fahlstromová spoke to us about the importance of learning about wildlife and the difference she hopes it will make in the future.

    Emilia said: “I realised a long time ago that my life was going to revolve around the great outdoors. With the increasing pressures on our natural environment, it was my calling to study wildlife conservation in the environmental sector, and I am glad to be studying it at Harper Adams.

    "The decision for choosing Harper was its small campus located in the rural countryside. This meant my course would be applied, which would mean I would get to test my theoretical knowledge outdoors. It has not disappointed."

    Of her understanding of wildlife, Emilia commented: "I have realised the true importance of wildlife through the intricate cycle of life and how rich biodiversity allows for equilibrium within the food chain. This, in turn, provides ecosystem stability dependent among by many, including humans.

    "Species diversity is very sensitive to changes, and our ever-increasing population and methods to sustain it, are not helping taking care of the planet. I hope what I learn today I can take into the future to make a difference."

    Our degree courses are framed by government initiatives and an understanding of professional bodies, so students get to see the wider picture of how they can make a difference to the environment and the wildlife within it. Should you be interested in finding out how you can make a difference in any part of the journey between field and fork, join us on our open day!

    On March 21, we will be running a variety of talks and activities to give you a flavour of our degrees that solve, cultivate, feed and matter. You can find out more by registering below.




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