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    Katie Noble becomes her own boss following graduation

    26 May 2020

    Katie Noble graduated from the Harper Adams University BSc (Hons) Veterinary Physiotherapy course last year. Since leaving the University, she has become her own boss by setting-up a veterinary physiotherapy business in Towcester, Northamptonshire.

    Katie said: “I’ve set up my own business as a veterinary physiotherapist! It was very daunting initially but I’m getting there.

    “I like being self-employed and I really believe that Harper helped prepare me for it in terms of confidence. It is so important to build relationships with lots of different people and create a good network of other like-minded professionals and the vet physio course at Harper really focussed on some aspects of this.

    “My marketing and business skills have also been put to the test! There was a module on it included in the course but also towards the end of my time at Harper, the careers service helpfully arranged some courses for students thinking of setting up businesses and I use so many of the skills I learnt from those sessions. Harper also continue to offer support to alumni, and I have been lucky to be pointed in the direction of some really useful skills resources since leaving.

    “I decided to set-up my own business because there aren’t loads of veterinary physiotherapy jobs out there currently as it’s still an up-and-coming industry, and because being self-employed was always an appealing option for me.

    “It meant I could set-up business exactly where I wanted to be in the country rather than having to move somewhere for a job. I’d already built up really good relationships over the past few years with other industry relevant professionals where I live, so I didn’t want to move away as I would have to start all of that important networking from scratch.

    “I love that I’m my own boss, and, in theory can do what I want. I would love to say that I can spend all of my time holidaying and playing with my horses and dogs but in reality, I work as much as possible so that I can really enjoy well-earned time off. I’m ambitious and sometimes impatient so I’m finding that it’s good for me to take steps back and see what I’ve actually achieved in a short space of time. It’s been a fun journey so far and I’m really looking forward to progressing and growing my business further.

    “My advice to someone looking at setting-up their own business would be to take on board as much advice as possible. It may seem like a complete tidal wave of information, but the more you listen to and try and implement, the easier it is to pick out the bits that are really relevant to what you want to achieve. Also get some financial, accounting advice because it will seem scary but is actually quite straightforward but needs to be done right.”

    On why she decided to train as a veterinary physiotherapist at Harper, Katie added: “My biggest attraction to Harper was the placement year in industry. I have always been a big believer in real life experiences, so this was perfect for me.

    “Originally, I wanted to be a vet, but I realised that wouldn’t be the right path for me so I was keen to find a vocation in which I could still contribute to improving animal welfare. The more I researched veterinary physiotherapy as a career, the more I was attracted to it.

    “The idea of working with animals all day, every day; outside, rather than in an office, was all very appealing. I also liked the scientific aspects of the course and career as this was something that I enjoyed throughout school. I also used to work on event yards and in veterinary practice so seeing first-hand the benefits of physiotherapy to animal performance was a big inspiration.”



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