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    World Kindness Day

    13 November 2020

    Today is World Kindness Day, celebrating all the ways we help and support those around us. Especially during this unprecedented time, kindness goes a long way and can make a vast difference to those isolated. It has been lovely to see Harper Adams students reaching out to their local communities to help give back in any way they can during the pandemic. Here some students explain why they wanted to give back and share some kindness.

    Emily Grainger has offered to volunteer to support the local Newport community in any way she can. The Bsc (Hons) Food Technology with Nutrition student said: “I moved to Harper in 2019 after living abroad for the last 8 years. Settling into a new life here took some time but one thing that helped was the sense of community I felt in Newport.

    “I feel that, as students, it's important that we try and give back to the wider community. I think this year, more than ever, we need to come together as a community to help those in need.

    “Lockdown is difficult for everyone - I spent my first lockdown shopping for those who were shielding, and I hope that during this lockdown and over the Christmas period I can also find a way to help those in need."

    Likewise, Ellie Wilson, a fourth year BSc (Hons) Animal Health and Welfare student, reached out to the community with an offer for those self isolating. She commented: “Over lockdown, I picked up walking and hiking, and I try to go everyday. It was getting lonely going by myself, as back at home I have my own dog. I thought that there was more than likely someone in Newport who would let me take their dog for a walk when I did, especially as the weather gets colder and darker. Plus, as I’m staying over Christmas, it’s something to help get me out and meet people!”

    Ella Huxley has also used her animal knowledge from her BSc (Hons) Veterinary Nursing degree, but in a more unique way. She said: “I had heard that a local care home was desperate for staff due to many self isolating or being unwell. I emailed in my CV and explained I had a nursing background, with many transferable skills for care work, and that I would be willing to help.

    “Vet nursing requires skills in infection control; barrier nursing for infectious cases; monitoring sick patients, and knowing symptoms of severe illness along with general health and safety in the workplace such as manual handling. I thought because I had this caring background with vet nursing, a lot of it would be applicable to humans!

    “Working in a care home has been challenging as I’m used to working with animals who don't speak back and often protest through biting - which luckily humans don't! However it requires compassion and can be difficult at times, although it is very rewarding.”

    While our students are doing some wonderful things, we also extend our thanks to the generous residents of Newport and Edgmond who have offered help to students self-isolating due to the coronavirus. Whether delivering food or simply checking in on their wellbeing, we are touched by these kind offers and encourage students to connect where they need to. The instruction or decision to isolate sometimes comes at very short notice, so all offers of assistance are very much appreciated. Thank you to all for your kindness during this time.



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