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    Graduate Matthew discusses how the pandemic changed his duties as an NFU Student Ambassador.

    26 May 2021

    Harper Adams Agriculture and Animal Science BSc (Hons) alumnusMatthew Rollason has spoken to The Westmorland Gazette about being an NFU Student Ambassador during the pandemic and his dream of owning his own farm.    

    Within the article, Matthew, 24, who is not from an agricultural background, explains how – because of Covid-19 - his duties as an NFU Ambassador have changed this year from physical face-to-face events to predominantly dealing with the media and print and radio journalists.

    Due to Covid-19 and the regulations surrounding the pandemic, the NFU have decided to extend all their current Student Ambassadors time in office, including Matthews, until 2022.  

    Matthew, who is an Agriculture and R&D Project leader for Dunbia, admits that he really enjoys both his professional job and his ambassadorial role, but that he is also in the process of building up the small holding he has just purchased. 

    A degree from Harper Adams could help you become an ambassador for British farming, so take a look at the courses we offer. 

    Read the full article at The Westmorland Gazette  



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