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    Becky makes Headway on her fundraising mission for the Brain Injury Association.

    18 November 2021

    Harper Adams Veterinary Nursing student Becky Adams is undertaking an abseiling challenge to raise money for Headwaythe brain injury associationafter losing her father to a sudden brain haemorrhage two years ago.  

    “I have been wanting to raise some money for charity since my father passed away in October 2019, but unfortunately the global pandemic prevented this,” Becky explains.  

    “Now we can be out again I have decided to take on the challenge of abseiling down Miller’s Dale Bridge in the Peak District - which is an 90ft abseil with 70ft of this free hanging! 

    “I will also be completing a skydive at the end of my veterinary placement year to commemorate my dad’s birthday.  

    “Dad was rushed to hospital in October 2019 after a sudden, very severe brain haemorrhage. I was away at university at the time but drove home to find he was already in a coma. He sadly passed away three days later with our family all around him. As he was already in the coma, I felt none of us got a proper goodbye and so it has become my mission to try and make him proud and 'pop up' to see him in a helicopter! 

    “Headway help families and boost research into brain injuries. We picked them in the hope that one day brain injuries will become more treatable and less severe, so that other families do not have to say goodbye to their loved ones under similar conditions to us. 

    “I didn't get the chance to properly update him with how my first year of university was going and he was such a big motivation for getting me in to university to start a degree I loved - he knew I'd be happy in the veterinary industry before I did. 

    “The whole Harper Veterinary nursing team have been so supportive and really helped get me through this difficult time and have kept me on track for my degree - especially Bethan, Pippa and Caroline, who were always around for a cup of tea and a chat whenever I needed it! I really can't thank everyone enough for all the support they have provided and continue to provide to help me through my degree. 

    “Dad was the sort of dad that could see if something would benefit you but if you were too scared to go for it, he'd push you and make you go for it (albeit while you shout on the way) but ultimately, you'd thank him for it later. 

    “So, I guess what I'm trying to say really, is thank you Dad for making me into the person that I am and being a constant reminder to strive forward, take a few risks and to just have fun - this is for you.” 

    Anyone who wants to donate towards Becky’s fundraiser can find her JustGiving page here. 

    Becky makes Headway on her fundraising mission for the Brain Injury Association.



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