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    National Careers Week #NCW22 - Interview top tips.

    9 March 2022

    You've passed the CV stage and are through to the next round of that graduate job– the interview.  

    What should you ask? What should you wear? Harper Adams has you covered this National Careers Week #NCW22 with our top interview tips.

    1. Do your homework- find out about the employer in advance, read their website, social media platforms, speak to people that work there etc… make sure you know why you want to work there. 

     2. Think about your NVC (non verbal communication)- tone of voice, body language, gesticulation, etc…..many messages about who you are, are conveyed non-verbally. 

    3. Be polite with everyone you meet from someone on the car park to the receptionist on the desk- you never know who you might be interacting with. 

    4. Dress to impress- but make sure it’s appropriate for any tasks you might be asked to perform as part of the interview. 

    5. Use the STAR technique to frame your answers- also helps you reign it in if you tend to ramble  

    6. Make sure you ask the interviewer(s) questions at the end when invited. It shows your genuine interest for the role and that you are well-informed. 

     7. Practice your answers- video yourself and review or even better book a mock interview with the Career Service! 

     8. Do have examples of your skills to enhance and illustrate your answers, especially to questions like “tell us about a time when you worked well in a team.” 

     9. Be natural, be yourself and smile. This isn’t about changing yourself to make you fit the organisation. 

     10. Interviews are two-way- be mindful that it’s a chance to see if the employer is a right fit for you and your career goals. 

    11. Try to find out who is on the interview panel and google them. Don’t worry- they will have googled you first so it goes both ways! 

    12. On paper, you are good enough to do the job. Take confidence from this as interviews are to see if you match up to your application. 

    13. If you don’t get offered the job swallow your pride and get some feedback. It’s all good interview experience so take it on the chin, review your technique and move on. 



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