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    Uni Taster Days blog: There are other options, so what are the benefits of university?

    5 June 2023

    Staff from Harper Adams have written a series of pieces for's new publication, A Parents' Guide to University. Over the next few weeks, we'll be sharing these pieces on our blog - and you can also find them on the UniTasterDays website here.

    In this first piece, Tasha Bodger, Senior Marketing Officer at Harper Adams University, sets out for parents some of the benefits that time at University can bring for their young person.

    As parents, it is natural to feel a mix of emotions as your young person prepares for university. Excitement, pride and joy are often accompanied by a sense of anticipation and curiosity about what might lie ahead. Whilst higher education is a significant commitment, both financially and emotionally, the benefits of your young person attending university can be equally as valuable and potentially life-changing! 

    University vs employment 

    Settling on a future career is often a decision influenced by every experience, lesson and passion a person has absorbed through their years of education and your young person is no different. University provides students with additional opportunities to uncover their future, delve deeper into subjects they touched on at secondary level and identify a well-researched career path, all within a safe environment. 

    This extra learning time then enhances their career prospects following graduation, with university graduates typically earning higher salaries once they’re in the working world.In some instances, students won’t even have to choose between university and employment with a large proportion of universities now offering a compulsory year in industry. This additional year not only provides a first-hand glimpse into a future career, but develops day-one competencies, critical thinking skills and independence, as well as the basis of your young persons professional network!

    University is great for personal development

    University education is not just about career prospects. It also provides the perfect opportunity for students to hone crucial life skills. Whether its managing their finances, adapting to solo living, respecting the diversity of a university campus or handling a range of domestic activities, there are plenty of non-educational lessons your young person will learn whilst studying. 

    However, these skills aren’t learnt in isolation. Not only do students have their course and housemates to lean on, but there is also a whole university support network ready and waiting. From financial advisors, the Students Union, careers services, wardens, and mental health professionals; university has all the benefits of independent living, with the added security of a safe and supportive environment in which to develop.  

    Creating a network of friends and colleagues 

    Of course, personal development also goes hand in hand with building lifelong friendships as well as having fun too! Most, if not all, universities have a whole host of societies and clubs that will introduce students to like-minded people, as well as diverse cultures, backgrounds, and pastimes. 

    Extra-curriculars can range from sports teams to art and culture appreciation groups or even social action clubs. Whatever their area of interest, societies provide a fantastic way for students to build a sense of community, friendship and belonging. 

    The community your young person builds has the potential to help them navigate their career path be it through job referrals, introductions to potential employers or access to industry-specific knowledge and resources. 

    Ultimately, a university education is lifelong. Its both a personal and professional launchpad that could support your young persons success long after graduation!



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