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    Two Harper Adams University students help rescue hedgehog

    13 October 2017

    Harper students Andrew Barrett and Fiona Sands have helped save a small hedgehog they found on the university campus during daylight hours.

    Andrew, a BSc (Hons) Wildlife Conservation with Natural Resource Management student, said: “Fiona messaged me after finding the hedgehog. I ran over with my bag and jumper; to see a hedgehog out in the day is normally a reason for concern. He was very small, clearly one of this year’s young and was cold.

    “We inspected him and found at least three ticks and he was covered in fly eggs. Though he was alive, his breathing was shallow and rapid, he was also very thin. It was obvious he was being attacked by parasites.

    “We wrapped him in my jumper and put him in the bag to try and warm him a little. I drove to Cuan House while Fiona spent the drive trying to offer him some water.

    “On arrival at Cuan House they immediately put him on a heat pad to help try and warm him up so he could be given rehydration fluids and clean the parasites off him.

    “He will, if he survives these first few days, probably be kept over winter with Cuan. They have hundreds of hogs come through them every year, as well as all other wildlife that needs help.

    “I volunteered at Cuan House Wildlife Rescue Centre in my first and second year at Harper, mostly as a driver taking unwell animals to the centre and taking them from the centre to release sites. I also volunteered in the clinic and helped with cleaning, feeding and medication.”

    For more information:

    Visit Cuan House Wildlife Rescue’s website or their Facebook page

    Two Harper Adams University students help rescue hedgehog



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