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    Applying for and winning a Success Scholarship

    9 November 2017

    Blog by student Poppy Bunting,
    BSc Agriculture with Crop Management


    How I heard about the scholarship

    I heard about the Scholarship whilst visiting the Harper Adams University website, where I saw the ‘Success Scholarship’s’ advertised on the homepage. Initially I dismissed the opportunity thinking I would not meet the requirements. I assumed the application process would be quite intense and demanding due to the high financial value. However, I later received a reminder from the Harper Adams Marketing Team encouraging me, as there was still time to apply. After liaising with Rachel from the marketing team I discovered that I was indeed eligible to apply and this lead to my success with the scholarship!

    Application process

    My experience of the scholarship application process was very positive. I found the process straight forward and easy to follow. I was sent a ‘Success Scholarships Timeline’ highlighting all of the dates relevant to the scholarship and any questions and queries that I had were quickly and properly responded to. Overall I found the application process far simpler than I had imagined it to be.

    Concerns about university

    Prior to starting my course at Harper Adams I had a variety of concerns which made me apprehensive. Not only was I anxious to move away from home after growing up and living in a small rural village but I am also the first in my family to attend University and consequently I couldn’t help but feel added pressure to succeed.

    At home, we have a small family farm supporting three families, and whilst my parents have always been able to support my Brother, Sister and I, Uni fees are beyond their means. Financial assistance by way of this scholarship has undoubtedly given me a massive sense of encouragement and a release of apprehension regarding the financial commitment of studying a degree at University for my family and I.

    Response to success letter

    After receiving my success letter I remained in a state of disbelief for quite some time! When I saw that the envelope was hand written and was from Harper Adams University, I was confused at first as I wasn’t expecting any correspondence until results day. After opening the letter I quickly realised what it was and must have read it over half a dozen times to make sure I wasn’t dreaming! Immediately I pulled on my wellies and ran to the farm office, flung open the door and just stood waving the letter at my parents. The massive smile on mine and their faces and the massive sense of achievement I felt, will definitely stay with me forever.

    HAU now

    Half way through my first term at Harper Adams I have settled in well and I’m really loving my time here! I have met so many like-minded people and I am enjoying my course, taking particular interest in my crop production module. I am only a few weeks into my University career but already I’ve developed a sense of belonging here at Harper and greatly look forward to continuing my studies and student life in such a warm and welcoming place.


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    Applying for and winning a Success Scholarship



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