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Tarlalarda minyatür robot dönemi


16 November 2017

Translated from Turkish, "Miniature robot era in the fields"

According to Harper Adams University research results in the UK, miniature robots that can be used in agriculture can reduce the use of chemicals in the field.

The university's agricultural specialists have announced that robots that can be used on the field can take advantage of pesticide use and reduce food waste and solve problems of workforce shortage...


?ngiltere'de Harper Adams Üniversitesi'nin ara?t?rma sonuçlar?na göre, tar?mda kullan?labilecek minyatür robotlar, tarlalardaki kimyasal kullan?m?n? azaltabilecek.

Üniversitenin tar?m uzmanlar?, tarlalarda kullan?labilecek olan robotlar?n, böcek ilac? kullan?m?n?n yerini al?p yiyecek at???n? azaltabilece?ini ve i? gücü k?tl??? sorunlar?n? çözebilece?ini aç?klad?....


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