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    Lecturer Claire Kershaw comments on succesful camel artificial insemination

    29 January 2018

    At the Camel Reproduction Centre in Dubai, two female camels have been succesfully impregnated using frozen semen. The camels are due to give birth in March, and this would make the calves the first to be born at the Camel Research Centre to females artifically inseminated.

    While cattle and other mamals are routinley bred using frozen semen, camels struggle.

    Dr Claire Kershaw, a lecturer in farm animal health at Harper Adams University who has previously collaborated with the CRC, said it was “interesting” to hear that a camel will finally be born from frozen semen at the Dubai Camel Breeding Centre.

    “I’m sure they’ve had these issues in optimising the media [the substances added to the semen] and trying to reduce the damage that occurs,” she said.

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