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    Community Fridge Pilot Project

    The Community Fridge is a pilot project focusing on food waste reduction.

    Discover what’s inside, right now!

    Welcome to our innovative live-streaming page, showing the real-time contents of our community fridge and freezer. We update with fresh images, capturing the latest donations and available items 30 seconds after a person leaves the fridge and freezer area each time.

    Why a live stream?

    Our live stream serves a dual purpose:

    1. You can see what's available at any moment, from wherever you are. This accessibility is especially valuable for those planning meals, seeking specific items, or simply curious about our current stock.
    2. By displaying the ever-changing variety of food, we hope to inspire more community members to contribute and benefit from this pilot resource.

    We track the total weight and number of items/packs of food saved from going to waste and the associated packages recycled daily.

    Take what you need, when you need

    Our community fridge is open to everyone. Feel free to take what you need. Whether you're picking up ingredients for your next meal, or simply in need of a quick snack, our fridge and freezer are here for you. Remember, every item taken is an opportunity for saving food from going to waste.

    Join our community effort

    Be part of this community initiative. Whether you're donating, collecting, or simply spreading the word, every action contributes to a stronger, more connected community.

    Stay Informed, Stay Involved

    Keep this page bookmarked to stay updated with the latest contents of our community fridge and freezer. Let's work together to reduce food waste, support each other, and strengthen the bonds within our community.

    Your involvement makes all the difference!

    For details on giving to or taking from the Community Fridge, including examples of food accepted and not accepted, please read the guidance document.

    A pre-recorded video showing the average daily use of our community fridge.

    Donate surplus food

    Your contributions are the heartbeat of our community fridge. Whether it's surplus from your pantry, garden, or farm, your donations can make a big difference in someone's day. We welcome all non-perishable foods and ingredients, fresh produce, and unopened pre-packed or prepared foods with clear labels from manufacturers, including ingredient lists and expiration dates. At this stage, we do not accept frozen food or cooked food from individual households. When donating, please note the date labels as explained below.

    • The Use By date relates to food safety. Food cannot be sold, redistributed or consumed after specified ‘Use By’ date. Please only donate food before their use-by date if such data label is provided on the food package.
    • The Best Before date relates to food quality. Food with a ‘Best Before’ date can be redistributed and consumed after this date. Providing food is stored in appropriate conditions – i.e. as instructed on the label by the manufacturer – and has not become otherwise contaminated, it will be safe to consume for a period of time after the ‘Best Before’ date has passed, but it may not be at its best. We accept food past their “Best Before” date. Please still make sure they are fresh for consumption.

    Community fridge

    Where do we get the food from?

    Central to our ethos is the emphasis on maximising the use of surplus food, particularly focusing on items most at risk of being wasted. This often includes foods not easily redistributed by food hubs due to over-supply (gluts) or those with a very short shelf life. Reports indicate that approximately 20% of surplus food donated to food hubs may be wasted, with bakery foods being particularly vulnerable.

    In addition, we collect surplus food from supermarkets not covered by other food hubs, in collaboration with FareShare. FareShare, known for redirecting surplus food to charities and community groups, informs us of any gaps in coverage that we can fill.

    Our operations are thus complementary, rather than competing with other food hubs.

    Our partners, who redirect such over-supplied foods to us, are:

    • NotJUST, Wellington, Telford: A social supermarket that rescues approximately 100 tonnes of surplus food per month and redistributes it to community groups.
    • Shrewsbury Food Hub: The hub was set up in 2016 and collects surplus food from over 30 sources, including local supermarkets, food businesses, and farms, and redistributes it to over 60 community groups.

    The process of surplus food redistribution incurs significant costs for our partners, involving the identification, storage, and collection of surplus food from a diverse range of food businesses. If you would like to support NotJust or Shrewsbury Food Hub, please consider  making a donation.

    We also encourage local food businesses to donate surplus food which they plan to dispose of, such as end-of-line, discontinued, misshaped, package-damaged, or short shelf-life products, to NotJust Wellington, Shrewsbury Food Hub, or directly to Harper Adams Community Fridge.

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