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General Information

Guidance on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Harper Adams University remains committed to protecting its students, staff and wider community and to following Government and NHS advice to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.

The University campus has been closed to all except essential staff and resident students since lockdown commenced in March 2020, having moved to remote delivery of teaching and learning.

As the nation moves to ease lockdown, the University will carefully consider each proposed measure and communicate directly with those for whom the rules might change, explaining for what reasons they might be permitted back on campus and outlining the policies and procedures they will be required to follow.

Staff and student email is our primary means of communication and should be referred to in all instances. Members of the University community will receive relevant communications when we are confident that the time is right and the correct measures have been put in place.

We will also continue to communicate directly with students planning to start with us in the autumn. Please check your emails.

Unless they are informed otherwise, all students and staff should continue to work from home, practise social distancing and conduct all other activities in line with the published Government guidance.

Health care advice can be found via the NHS website.

The University is following the Government's 5 Steps to working safely. Risk Assessments are available for all staff to read and can be located on the portal.

Information for all students

Full guidance on the outbreak of Coronavirus for students can be found on Moodle.

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Information for resident students

Resident students should follow the guidance below, treating their halls of residence or university house as their home, and their hall flat or house as their household.

This means that resident students may:

  • spend time outdoors subject to: not meeting up with any more than one person from outside your household; continued compliance with social distancing guidelines to remain two metres (6ft) away from people outside your household; and good hand hygiene, particularly with respect to shared surfaces;
  • exercise outside as many times each day as they wish. You are still not able to use areas like outdoor gyms or outdoor leisure venues, where there is a higher risk of close contact and touching surfaces. You can only exercise with up to one person from outside your household – this means you should not play team sports, except with members of your own household.
  • drive to outdoor open spaces irrespective of distance, so long as you respect social distancing guidance while you are there, so that it will not involve contact with people outside your household.
  • If travelling to outdoor spaces, it is important that you respect the rules in different locations and do not travel to different parts of the UK where it would be inconsistent with guidance or regulations issued by the relevant devolved administration.

You should continue to avoid using public transport wherever possible. If you have to use public transport, social distancing guidelines must be followed, and you should comply with guidance provided by transport operators who are expected to implement COVID-19 secure measures.

You may be asked to use a face covering if you travel on public transport or in some shops, as these begin to open over the next few weeks. A face covering is not the same as a facemask such as the surgical masks or respirators used as part of personal protective equipment by healthcare and other workers. The Government’s guidance is that face coverings are not intended to help the wearer, but to protect against inadvertent transmission of the disease to others if you have it asymptomatically. It is important to use face-coverings properly and to wash your hands before putting them on and taking them off.

Information for staff

Copies of all-staff communications can be accessed on the Portal.

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Information about events

All on-campus events are postponed until further notice. For information about alternatives to open days, click here.

Register for future events

Information for visitors

No visitors will be permitted to campus during the shutdown.

Further advice

Please refer to the websites below for the latest information as changes are made on a daily basis.

Further advice and updates are also available on these sites: Public Health England, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the World Health Organisation 

Information for applicants and offer holders

Admissions and entry requirements 

We are monitoring the situation and working with current Government and UCAS advice to make sure you receive clear information and direction as quickly as possible.

Undergraduate applicants and offer holders

The University continues to receive and assess applications and make offers. If you have already received an offer, we encourage you to respond in line with the current UCAS guidance and deadlines via UCAS Track.

If you are due to start university in 2020 or 2021:

Open days, offer holder days and other campus visits have all been postponed in line with Government advice and guidance. Please register your interest to allow us to let you know about events later in the year and keep you informed on activities at the university.

You can register your interest in our virtual open day in June, and our October and November open days and we will be in contact later in the year.

Please see the official update from UCAS and Universities UK.

Postgraduate applications and offer holders

If you have applied for a postgraduate place or had hoped to come to a postgraduate open afternoon, we will stay in touch with you in the coming weeks and months, to make sure you are aware of opportunities to visit or otherwise explore the university and its postgraduate programmes. Please continue to register for the events you are interested in, in order to receive updates about them.  The University continues to receive and assess applications and make offers. If you have already received an offer, please follow any guidance provided.

Postgraduate events

I am due to start my studies at the University and I am having difficulties obtaining my passport/visa/making my travel arrangements. What should I do?

For new students concerned about obtaining a new visa, you should contact the University (for undergraduate applicants by emailing, for postgraduate applicants by emailing  Where there are delays in obtaining your travel documents or obtaining a flight, the University will assess your situation on a case by case basis, to determine whether you can start your programme a little later, although for most courses, this provision is unlikely to extend beyond two weeks from the normal start date

What if I am having difficulty making arrangements to be tested for my English language at an approved centre?

For applicants who need to be tested for their English language using an approved test centre and where the test centres are currently closed, the University will make an assessment on a case by case basis, taking account of the latest UK Government Home Office guidance. If you have any concerns, please contact the University (for undergraduate applicants by emailing and for postgraduate applicants by emailing

How can I help?

In this difficult time, some of us feel busier than even trying to keep work and study on track after the move to home isolation and social distancing. But others might find themselves at a loose end, through no fault of their own. If you have the time, the good health and the energy, here are some volunteering initiatives that you might wish to consider.


Relevant to both students or staff, the NHS Volunteer Responder scheme met with an unprecedented response from more than 500,000 after it was launched. In light of this, the Government raised the target participation to 750,000 people. Some volunteer activities don’t require you to leave you home (for example the phone-based “check-in and chat”) and you can participate according to your own schedule. Find out more on the NHS Volunteer responders page or the GoodSam website.

Telford & Wrekin Volunteer Taskforce

Relevant to both students or staff in the area local to the university: our Local Authority is establishing a Volunteer Taskforce database that will be run by the Council to help provide support for vulnerable people who may have to remain in their homes for the next few months. There are a wide range of vital tasks including deliveries of food and supplies, shopping, assisting social care providers and phone support, that can be undertaken from home, addressing the isolation that many will be feeling. The time periods are flexible – they are just looking for help at any level. If you feel you are able to offer support in a voluntary capacity, email Telford & Wrekin Council at


EatFarmNow is an initiative headed up by two of our alumni, Simon Haley and Will Evans. The pair wanted to create an inspirational digital hub for people to be inspired by global agricultural stories. #LockdownLearning is part of the digital resource, compiling together weekly farming content for children. With episodes, recipes and activity packs, there’s plenty of resources revolving around different parts of the supply chain. Harper Adams is sponsoring their Lockdown Learning Initiative phase.

Staffordshire Community Support Effort (Students or Staff in the Local Area)

Relevant to both students or staff in the area local to the university: a volunteering scheme supported by Staffordshire County Council to provide help for those in social isolation. Find out more on the Staffordshire County Council website.

YFC Support for Rural and Farming Communities (Students)

Relevant to students: NFYFC campaign to secure help for rural and farming communities in a variety of roles, including those where farming and food businesses are seeking assistance. Further information can be found via your local YFC, on the NFYFC website, or on the Hops Labour Solutions website.

Harper Adams – Here for Agriculture (Students)

Relevant to students: We have received requests from a number of companies for temporary workers to deal with shortages of labour in the food supply chain. These roles are likely to be longer term and available only to students who have completed all of their required assignments and other assessments. The timing and location will, of course, also be variable. Please keep watching the Careers section of our website for more information. The University is sharing opportunities across social media as well.

Pick for Britain

Relevant to students: the Government is planning a Pick for Britain campaign to address the expected shortage in seasonal workers. A nationwide push is expected to be launched ‘within weeks’ calling for anyone from students to laid-off hospitality workers to pick fruit and vegetables ‘in the national interest’. More details will follow.

In all cases, please ensure that those for whom you volunteer and/or work, have put in place the necessary safeguards to look after your health in the activities in which you take part. We are not in a position to provide advice and support on any such engagements, but simply want to make you aware of these schemes. We hope they will be of interest to those of you with spare time who want to contribute and make a difference.

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