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    Dr Sarah Parsons


    Senior Lecturer

    Photograph of Sarah

    Teaching Duties

    Extended Foundation Degree Programme

    • E3002C17 Mathematics Applications and Statistics

    Engineering Courses

    • E4006HF Mechanical Science 1
    • E5007C17 Applied Mechanical Science - Materials Under Load
    • E5008C17 Applied Mechanical Science - Dynamics and Control

    Masters Teaching

    • F7034 Research and Information Skills
    • E7004 Advanced Research Methods (Engineering)

    Previous Teaching

    • E3006 Mathematics Awareness: Numeracy and Statistics module (up to 2016-17)
    • E4008C17 Mathematical Tools and Techniques (2017-2023)
    • E4006C17 Fundamentals of Mechanical Science - Materials Under Load
    • E4011 Mathematics for Engineers (up to 2016-17)
    • E4004 Applied Mechanics (up to 2016-17)
    • E4005 Mechanical Science (up to 2014-15)
    • E5017 Engineering Mathematics and Analytical Techniques (up to 2018)
    • E7015 Advanced Decision Making

    Current member of the Extended Programmes Course Committee.

    Previoulsy also Course Tutor for the Extended Foundation Degree Programme (2014-2021)

    Student Voice Award nominations 2022  - received student nominations for both 'Excellent Teaching' and as an 'Assessment and feedback hero'.

    Mathematics Support

    Extra optional weekly classes are provided which provide extra help and tuition for the 1st year engineering mathematics and mechanics modules, and also for second year mathematics.  Individual appointments and small group support (timetabled) are provided, which can cover engineering mathematics, mechanics and statistics.

    Research Interests

    • Undergraduate Mathematics and Statistics Learning
    • PhD in Mathematics Education undertaken as a part-time research student with the Mathematics Education Centre at Loughborough University, graduated July 2014.
    • Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects

    Professional Memberships

    • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy FHEA
    • Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications FIMA
    • Chartered Mathematician CMath
    • Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology MIET 
    • Member of the Institution of Agricultural Engineering MIAgrE

    Academic Department: Engineering

    Tel: +44 (0)1952 815448

    Fax: +44 (0)1952 814783

    Office: E107 Applied Engineering Facilities


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    Other publications

    • Parsons, S.J. and Croft, A.C. (2011) Engineering students' self-confidence in mathematics mapped onto Bandura's self-efficacy Engineering Education 6 (1), pp. 52-61.
    • Parsons, S. J. (2010) Mathematics Support in a University College and Research into Students' Experiences of Learning Mathematics and Statistics. (In: Marr, C. M. and Grove, M. J. eds. Responding to the Mathematics Problem: The Implementation of Institutional Support Mechanisms. The University of St Andrews. Birmingham: Maths, Stats and OR Network. pp.59-63.)
    • Parsons S J, Croft A C, Harrison M C (2009) Does students' confidence in their ability in mathematics matter? Teaching Mathematics and its Applications 28 (53-68)
    • Parsons, S. 2008. Overview of the provision of mathematics support to students in a University College. MSOR Connections. 8 (2), p.29-35.Also available from (2008)
    • Parsons, S. 2006. Update on Harper Adams University College Aspire Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. MSOR Connections. 6 (3), p.13-15.Also available from (2006)
    • Parsons, S. 2006. The Effect of Engineering Students’ Attitudes on Learning Mathematics. Proceedings of the International Conference on Innovation, Good practice and Research in Engineering Education held at the University of Liverpool. 24-26th July 2006. Liverpool. pp. 440-444 (2006)
    • Parsons, S. 2006. Pedagogic Research into Non-specialist Learning of Mathematics and Statistics: Factors Affecting Success. In: D. Green, ed.  Proceedings of the CETL-MSOR Conference 2006 held at Loughborough University. 11-12th September 2006. Loughborough. pp 120-125.Also available from (2006)
    • Parsons, S. 2005. Success in engineering mathematics ... through mathematics support and changes to engineering mathematics modules at Harper Adams. MSOR Connections. 5 (1), p.31-34.Also available from (2005)
    • Parsons, S. 2004. Overcoming High Failure Rates in Engineering Mathematics: A Support Perspective. Proceedings of the International Conference on Innovation, Good practice and Research in Engineering Education held at the University of Wolverhampton. 7-9th June 2004. Wolverhampton: University of Wolverhampton Press.  pp.195-200. (2004)
    • Challis, N., Cox, W., Gibson, I., Golden, K., MacDougall, M., Parsons, S. and Stirling, D.  2004. Action Research into Effective Student Support in Mathematics. In: E. Price, ed. Proceedings of the Undergraduate Mathematics Teaching Conference UMTC 2004 held at the University of Birmingham. 1-3rd September 2004.  Birmingham: University of Birmingham.  pp. 59-69. (2004)
    • Parsons, S. 2003. Overcoming Poor Failure Rates in Mathematics for Engineering Students. Proceedings of Progress 3 Conference held at the University of Hull, Department of Engineering. 25-26th September 2003 (2003)
    Additional Information

    Other Publications and Conference Presentations

    MSOR CETL Conference - September 2009- At The Open University in Milton Keynes.  Gave presentation 'A miscellany of student perspectives on learning mathematics'  Conference details available at and  See abstract p.15 of

    Aspire CETL Conference - April 2008 – Harper Adams University College.
    Aspire Report, Conference Presentation and poster available via links from Aspire Development Fellows web-page:


    CETL-MSOR Conference 2007, University of Birmingham 10-11th Sep 2007
    Presentation: not available on-line. 
    Paper sent to MSOR Connections, HEA subject centre newsletter. 


    Addressing the Quantitative Skills Gap Conference, St Andrew’s, June 2007
    Paper produced May 2008.  Published 2010.


    DDIG Conference 2007 Pathways to Progress at Loughborough, March 2007
    Presentation title: Dyslexic and Dyscalculic Students learning Maths
    Session Details available from
    Presentation available from


    11th May 2006 – Presentation at Research Students Presentation Meeting, Mathematics Education Centre, Loughborough University.


    Mathtutor Transferability Project 2005-6 participant
    Harper Adams Case Study, in Meeting Mathtutor Booklet
    Parsons, S. 2006. Harper Adams Case Study In: Mathtutor, 2006. Meeting Mathtutor, pp. 29-31.


    HELM Conference - September 2005 - Loughborough University
    Presentation ‘Self-Confidence in Mathematics’ available from:
    Poster also produced


    Dyscalculia and Dyslexia Interest Group Conference 2005, 13th April 2005, Loughborough University. Characteristics of Dyslexic and Dyscalculic Students.
    Presentation available from


    UMTC Birmingham University - September 2004 – Paper published by working Group, and presentation
    Workshop and Conference Report by Liz Price, Available at:
    Parsons, S.  2004. Presentation: Mathematics Support for Engineering Students. In: E. Price, ed. Proceedings of the Undergraduate Mathematics Teaching Conference UMTC 2004 held at the University of Birmingham. 1-3rd September 2004.  Birmingham: University of Birmingham.  pp. 47-52.


    Joint author of Case Study Re. Chris Swift – April 2004 – for Engineering HEA Subject Centre
    Swift,C., Wakeham, G. and Parsons, S. 2004.The experience of a wheelchair user Agricultural Engineering student at Harper Adams University College
    Case Study available at: (URL and HEA Engineering Subject Centre are no longer active)

    Case Study currently available at:


    Dyslexia and Dyscalculia Interest Group (DDIG) Workshop - University of Leicester March 2004 – University of Leicester, 'Engineering Mathematics and the Dyslexic Student'.  Presentation available at:
    Notes available at:


    LTSN Engineering and Progress FDTL3 Project Workshop 17th December 2003, London, 'Improving Retention through Mathematics Support' Presentation available at


    You can contact Dr Sarah Parsons if you would like to discuss any of the following course modules:



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