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    Dr Andrew Watson

    BSc (Hons), MSc, PgC, PhD, BASIS

    Lecturer in Agronomy

    Photograph of Andrew


    Senior tutor FdSc 3 Ag/Ag Mech & Professional Project Manager

    Course Manager BASIS Foundation Award in Agronomy


    Professional short course teaching

    • BASIS Foundation in Agronomy (Course Manager)
    • BASIS Foundation in Grass and Forage
    • BASIS Certificate in Crop Protection
    • BASIS Certificate in Grass & Forage
    • BASIS Advanced Cereals
    • BASIS Advanced Potatoes
    • Marshall Papworth programme

    Student supervision

    • Samina Ashiq (final year PhD student)
    • HRP, DRP & PRP (final year research projects)

    Postgraduate teaching duties

    • MSc in the Principles and Practices of Crop Production 

    Undergraduate teaching duties

    • Module leader: Sustainable Crop Production Systems (BSc 4)
    • Module leader: Sustainable Agriculture (BSc 4)
    • Module leader: Crop Protection and Technology (BSc 2 & FdSc 3)
    • Module leader: Plant Production Science (EFDP Year 0)
    • Animal and Crop Production Science (BSc 2)
    • Crop Production Systems (BSc + FdSc 1)
    • Crop Production Science (FdSc 1)


    Professional Memberships

    • BASIS Registration
    • Association of Applied Biologists

    Academic Department: Agriculture and Environment

    Tel: +44 (0)1952 81 5132

    Office: Tudor Lodge: TL6 Jubilee Adams, Tudor Lodge and NW Building


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    Other publications

    • amina Ashiq, Matthew Back, Andrew Watson, Simon Edwards (2023) Screening of Fungicides and Comparison of Selective Media for Isolation of Fusarium graminearum from Soil and Plant Material Pathogens 12 (2)
    • S. Ashiq, S.G. Edwards, O. Fatukasi, A. Watson, M.A. Back (2022) In vitro activity of isothiocyanates against Fusarium graminearum Journal of Plant Pathology
    • Samina Ashiq, Simon Edwards, Andrew Watson, Emma Blundell and Matthew Back (2022) Antifungal Effect of Brassica Tissues on the Mycotoxigenic Cereal Pathogen Fusarium graminearum Antibiotics 2022 11
    • Watson, A.M., Hare, M.C., Kettlewell, D., Brosnan, J.M. and Agu, R. (2011) Influence of plant pathogens on ethanol yield in distilling wheat Proceedings of the World Congress on Bioenergy, Dalian, China, 25-28th April 2011
    • Watson, A.M., Hare, M.C., Kettlewell, D., Brosnan, J.M. and Agu, R. (2010) Relationships between disease control, green leaf duration, grain quality and the production of alcohol from winter wheat. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 90
    • Watson, A.M., Hare, M.C., Kettlewell, P.S., Ranner, D., Brosnan, J.M. and Agu, R. (2010) The influence of azoxystrobin dose rate and timing on alcohol yield in distilling wheat. Proceedings of the Crop Protection Conference of Northern Britain conference, Dundee, 23-24th February 2010
    • Watson, A.M., Hare, M.C., Kettlewell, P.S. and Ranner, D. (2008) Effect of azoxystrobin dose rate on starch concentration in wheat grain Abstracts of the Society of Chemical Industry/Royal Society of Chemistry conference on Wheat for Biofuels, Bioenergy and High Value Bioproducts, 29 April 2008, Jealott’s Hill, Bracknell UK.
    • Watson, A.M., Hare, M.C., Kettlewell, P.S. and Ranner, D. (2008) Increasing the efficiency of alcohol production in distilling wheat through the use of fungicide inputs. Abstracts of the Guild HE Research Symposium, 21st November 2008, St John’s College, York
    • Watson, A.M., Hare, M.C., Kettlewell, P.S., Ranner, D., Brosnan, J.M. and Agu, R. (2008) Effect of azoxystrobin dose rate on grain quality and alcohol yield in distilling wheat. Aspects of Applied Biology
    Additional Information
    • Subject co-ordinator for MSc in Sustainable Agricultural
    • Reviewer for the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture
    • Reviewer for 'The Scientific Journal of Agricultural Economics'
    • Reviewer for the 'International Journal of Applied Behavioral Economics'


    You can contact Dr Andrew Watson if you would like to discuss any of the following course modules:



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