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    Dr Anthony Millington

    BSc (Hon); PhD

    Postdoctoral Research Associate

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    Researcher Profile

    I am a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Centre for Evidence-Based Agriculture (CEBA) at Harper Adams University and I work with members of the team, collaborators and stakeholders to carry out systematic reviews and other evidence syntheses for decision makers.

    • Experience of conducting evidence syntheses (e.g. systematic maps, rapid evidence assessments and quick scoping reviews) 
    • PhD research: to determine the effect of differing soil management strategies on crop growth and yield. Included investigation of the changes in soil porosity, pore distribution and connectivity resulting from the differing traffic and tillage treatments using X-ray Computed Tomography.

     Selected examples of evidence review awards (funder in brackets)

    • 2023 Quick Scoping Review (QSR) of the value of mob/holistic grazing regimes used to support management of historic and ecological assets (Natural England)
    • 2023 The potential impact on the prevalence of cereal seed and soil borne diseases due to removal of fungicidal seed treatments or the use of alternative approaches: A rapid evidence review. (Bayer AG: Crop Science Division)
    • 2021 Food and feed safety vulnerabilities in circular economy (EFSA)
    • 2018 Food waste management in the food retail sector (European Commission and Government of The People’s Republic of China)
    • 2015 How effective are on-farm mitigation measures for delivering an improved water environment? A systematic map (NERC, Defra WT0965).
    • 2014 ‘Quick Scoping Review’ to review the impact of pesticides used for amenity purposes on controlled waters (Defra WT1546).
    • 2014 How effective are farmland interventions for reducing Faecal Indicator Organisms (FIOs) in bathing and shellfish waters (especially Escherichia Coli and Intestinal Enterococci) coming from river catchments? A quick scoping review (Defra).

    Academic Department: Agriculture and Environment

    Research profile: ORCID


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