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Mr Muhammad Rizwan Azhar

MSc Animal Nutrition

Postgraduate Researcher

Researcher Profile


MSc Animal Nutrition . University of Plymouth. UK

BSc (Hons) Animal Husbandry. University of Agriculture Faisalabad. Pakistan

Research Interest in Avian nutrition particularly broilers and layers. I am intesrested in feed formulation and manufacturing , evaluation of feeding value of wheat in chickens, current issues in feed formulation, use of enzymes in poultry diets, use of probiotics in chickens, poultry housing and management, diffrent feeding techniques in poultry. I have worked on use of probiotics in the drinking water supply to chickens.

Tel: 01952815429

Office: G27 Jubilee Adams, Tudor Lodge and NW Building

Research profile: ORCID


Other publications

  • Azhar, M. R., S. C. Mansbridge, S. P. Rose, M. R. Bedford, V. R. Pirgozliev. (2018) Wheat cultivar choice modulates broiler chicken jejunal gene expression and wheat feeding value. International Poultry Scientific Forum. 29 – 30 January, Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Azhar, M. R., S. P. Rose, M. R. Bedford, V. R. Pirgozliev, and A. M. Mackenzie. (2017) Does the wheat cultivar or growing site affect broiler growth performance? Proceedings of 21st European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition. Spain.
  • Azhar, M. R., S. P. Rose, M. R. Bedford, V. R. Pirgozliev, and A. M. Mackenzie. (2017) Variability of metabolisable energy in different wheat cultivars for broilers British Poultry Science Abstracts 13. doi:10.1080/17466202.2017.1394641.



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