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Photograph of Rayhan
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Rayhan Shaheb

B.Sc. (Ag), M.Sc. (Agron.)

PhD Scholar



Academic Department: Crop and Environment Sciences

Twitter: @RayhanShaheb

Office: PK3

Research profile: ORCID

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Other publications

  • Shaheb MR, Islam, MN, Rahman, MS and Nessa A. (2016) EFFECT OF SOWING TIME AND VARIETY ON SEED GERMINATION AND VIGOUR INDEX OF WHEAT Bangladesh Journal of Agricultural Research 41 (1): 127-136.
  • Sarker A, Dash S, Hoque MM, Ahmed S and Shaheb MR. (2016) ASSESSMENT OF MICROBIAL QUALITY OF WATER IN POPULAR RESTAURANTS IN SYLHET CITY OF BANGLADESH. Bangladesh Journal of Agricultural Research 41 (1): 115-125.
  • Nazrul MI and Shaheb MR. (2016) PERFORMANCE OF FRENCH BEAN (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) GENOTYPES IN SYLHET REGION OF BANGLADESH Bangladesh Agronomy Journal 19(1): 37-44
  • Mahmudul Islam Nazrul, Md. Rayhan Shaheb. (2015) Adaptation of Grass Pea as Sole and Relay Cropping Systems with Transplanted Aman Rice in Sylhet Region of Bangladesh American Journal of Biology and Life Sciences 3(6): 254-259 (
  • Shaheb, MR, Islam MN, Nessa A, Hossain MA, Sarker A (2015) Impact of harvest stage on seed yield quality and storability of French bean Bangladesh Journal of Agricultural Research 40(4): 641-656
  • Shaheb MR, Nazrul MI, Noor AKMZU, Hossain, KMF and Saha D (2015) Bio-slurry influences the yield and profitability of radish Journal of Sylhet Agricultural University 2(1):9-14
  • Shaheb MR, Begum MM, Ahmed KU, Nazrul MI, Wiersema SG (2015) Challenges of seed potato (Solanum tuberosum L) production and supply system in Bangladesh: A review The Agriculturists 13(1):173-188 (
  • Shaheb MR, Islam MN, Nessa A, Hossain MA (2015) Effect of harvest times on the yield and seed quality of French bean SAARC Journal of Agriculture 13(1) (
  • Shaheb MR, Nazrul MI (2014) Productivity and economics of mixed intercropping of potato with other short duration vegetables. Bangladesh Agronomy Journal 17(2):39-46 (
  • Nazrul MI, MR Shaheb (2014) Performance of sweet gourd as relay with transplanted aman rice under rainfed ecosystem in Sylhet region. Bangladesh Agronomy Journal 17(2):47-53 (
  • Shaheb MR, Nazrul MI, Ayesha Sarker (2014) Improvement of livelihood, food and nutrition security through homestead vegetables production and fruit tree management in Bangladesh. Journal of Bangladesh Agricultural University 12(2):377-387
  • Shaheb MR, Nazrul MI, Sarker MJU (2014) Production potentials and economics of chickpea-rice based cropping system in Sylhet area (AEZ 20) Bangladesh Journal of Agricultural Research 39(3):479-490. (
  • Rahman MS, Islam MN, Shaheb MR, Arafat MA, Sarker PC, Sarker MH (2014) Effect of seed treatment with boron and molybdenum on the yield and seed quality of chickpea. International Journal of Experimental Agriculture 9(2):17-21 (
  • Rahman MS, Islam MN, Shaheb MR, Sarker PC, Nessa A, Sarker MH (2014) Influence of sowing date on quality seed production of bitter gourd. International Journal of Sustainable Crop Production 9(2):17-21 (
  • Rahman MS, Sarker PC, Islam MN, Shaheb MR, Sarker MH (2014) Dormancy breaking of ash gourd seed through different physical and chemical methods. International Journal of Sustainable Crop Production 9(2):1-6 (
  • Shaheb MR, Nazrul MI, Rahman MA (2014) Production potential and economics of wheat as influenced by liming in north eastern region of Bangladesh. Asian Journal of Agriculture and Biology 2(2):152-160 (,%20Issue%202&quarter=April-June,%202014)
  • Nazrul MI, Shaheb MR, Chowdhury AK, Sarker JU (2013) Soil moisture monitoring in T. Aman rice harvested fallow land under Surma Kushiara Flood Plain of Sylhet. Bangladesh Agronomy Journal 16(2): 59-66 (
  • Nazrul MI, Shaheb MR, Khan MAH, Khan ASMMR (2013) On-Farm evaluation of production potential and economic returns of potato-rice based improved cropping system. Bangladesh Journal of Agricultural Research 16(2): 41-50

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