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    Dr Simon Segar

    BSc, MSc, DIC, PhD

    Senior Lecturer in Entomology

    Photograph of Simon

    I have broad research interests  currently pursue two major research programmes: i) the evolution of host use and chemical ecology of insect herbivores (Segar et al., 2017a; Volf et al., 2018) and ii) population genomics and speciation in figs and their pollinating wasps along the slopes of a tropical mountain (Segar et al., 2017b; Souto-Vilaros, 2018). I also conduct research relating to arthropod phylogeny (Segar et al., 2012), community phylogenetics (Segar et al., 2013) and mutualism stability (Dunn et al., 2008). More generally I am driven by a desire to understand plant and insect diversity, and the processes responsible for generating it. This goal necessarily requires a multi-disciplinary approach because extant diversity is a result of both evolutionary and ecological dynamics, and selection on myriad traits responsible for mediating ecological interactions.

    Professional Memberships

    Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society

    Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

    Academic Department: Agriculture and Environment

    Tel: 01952 815478

    Twitter: @simonsegar

    Office: 122 Jean Jackson Entomology Building

    Research profile: ORCID

    Research profile:


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    Other publications

    • CM Redmond, J Auga, B Gewa, ST Segar, SE Miller, K Molem, ... (2019) High specialization and limited structural change in plant?herbivore networks along a successional chronosequence in tropical montane forest. Ecography 42(1)
    • D Souto?Vilarós, M Proffit, B Buatois, M Rindos, M Sisol, T Kuyaiva, B Isua, ... (2019) Pollination along an elevational gradient mediated both by floral scent and pollinator compatibility in the fig and fig?wasp mutualism. Journal of Ecology 106(6)
    • B Wang, ST Segar, GZ Deng, TX Luo, H Lin, YQ Peng. (2019) Variation in trophic cascade strength is triggered by top–down process in an ant–wasp?fig system. Oikos 128(2)
    • FXJ Sladecek, ST Segar, C Lee, R Wall, M Konvicka (2019) Temporal segregation between dung-inhabiting beetle and fly species. PloS One 12(1)
    • Y Basset, C Dahl, R Ctvrtecka, S Gripenberg, OT Lewis, ST Segar, ... (2018) A cross?continental comparison of assemblages of seed?and fruit?feeding insects in tropical rain forests: Faunal composition and rates of attack. Journal of Biogeography 45(6)
    • CT Darwell, ST Segar, JM Cook (2018) Conserved community structure and simultaneous divergence events in the fig wasps associated with Ficus benjamina in Australia and China. BMC ecology 18
    • ST Segar, A Mardiastuti, PM Wheeler, JM Cook. (2018) Detecting the elusive cost of parasites on fig seed production. Acta Oecologica 90
    • M Volf, ST Segar, SE Miller, B Isua, M Sisol, G Aubona, P Šimek, M Moos, ... (2017) Community structure of insect herbivores is driven by conservatism, escalation and divergence of defensive traits in Ficus Ecology Letters 21(1)
    • Y Basset, GPA Lamarre, T Ratz, ST Segar, T Decaëns, R Rougerie, ... (2017) The Saturniidae of Barro Colorado Island, Panama: A model taxon for studying the long?term effects of climate change? Ecology and Evolution 7(23)
    • LR Jorge, V Novotny, ST Segar, GD Weiblen, SE Miller, Y Basset, ... (2017) Phylogenetic trophic specialization: a robust comparison of herbivorous guilds. Oecologia 185(4)
    • ST Segar, M Volf, B Isua, M Sisol, CM Redmond, ME Rosati, B Gewa, ... (2017) Variably hungry caterpillars: predictive models and foliar chemistry suggest how to eat a rainforest. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 284(1866)
    • P Szefer, CP Carmona, K Chmel, M Kone?ná, M Libra, K Molem, ... (2017) Determinants of litter decomposition rates in a tropical forest: functional traits, phylogeny and ecological succession. Oikos 126(8)
    • ST Segar, M Volf, J Zima Jnr, B Isua, M Sisol, L Sam, K Sam, ... (2017) Speciation in a keystone plant genus is driven by elevation: a case study in New Guinean Ficus. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 30(3)
    • A Powling, A Phillips, R Pritchett, ST Segar, P Wheeler, A Mardiastuti. (2016) The vegetation of Lambusango Forest, Buton, Indonesia. Reinwardtia 14(2)
    • Y Basset, H Barrios, S Segar, RB Srygley, A Aiello, AD Warren, F Delgado, ... (2015) The butterflies of Barro Colorado Island, Panama: local extinction since the 1930s. PLoS One 10(8)
    • R Wang, ST Segar, M Harper, H Yu, RJ Quinnell, SG Compton. (2015) Between?species facilitation by male fig wasps in shared figs Ecological Entomology 40(4)
    • ST Segar, DW Dunn, CT Darwell, JM Cook. (2014) How to be a fig wasp down under: the diversity and structure of an Australian fig wasp community. Acta Oecologica 57
    • ST Segar, RAS Pereira, SG Compton, JM Cook. (2013) Convergent structure of multitrophic communities over three continents. Ecology Letters 16(12)
    • ST Segar, JM Cook. (2012) The dominant exploiters of the fig/pollinator mutualism vary across continents, but their costs fall consistently on the male reproductive function of figs. Ecological Entomology 37(5)
    • ST Segar, C Lopez-Vaamonde, JY Rasplus, JM Cook. (2012) The global phylogeny of the subfamily Sycoryctinae (Pteromalidae): parasites of an obligate mutualism. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 65(1)
    • JM Cook, ST Segar (2010) Speciation in fig wasps Ecological Entomology 35

    Research projects


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