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    Dr Claire Munialo


    Senior Lecturer in Food Science

    Photograph of Claire

    Dr Munialo's research encompasses experimental approaches to understanding the functional properties of food in particular proteins. Over the years, she has worked on understanding the properties (such as gelation properties) of plants and other novel sources of proteins (such as insect proteins) to understand the exchangeability of proteins in food products. As such the use of alternative protein sources is of importance in reducing the “environmental footprint” that arises from the use of animal proteins in food production. Additional research that Dr Munialo is involved in is looking at the extraction of phytochemicals from several vegetable materials to determine whether these phytochemicals possess anti-cancer properties. 

    Professional Memberships

    Association for Nutritionist (AfN) - Registered Nutritionist

    Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST) - Member

    Academic Department: Food, Land and Agribusiness Management

    Tel: +441952815145

    Office: 106 Regional Food Academy

    Research profile: ORCID


    Other publications

    • M Ivanov, CD Munialo (2023) The investigation of the functional properties of single and mixed milk/lupine protein systems International Journal of Food Science & Technology 58 (11)
    • Munialo C.D, Mellor D.D (2023) A review of the impact of social disruptions on food security and food choice Food Science & Nutrition


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