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    Body Language Course for staff

    Posted 31 August 2010

    Staff are pictured learning body language techniques

    Staff at Harper Adams have spent a day learning body language techniques to help them with their work.

    Trainer Jenny Radcliffe, from Radcliffe Training Associates, helped the group learn how to better read the emotions behind the gestures people make.

    She also helped them to better understand how to detect when people are uncomfortable or lying and have an increased awareness of how to appear more confident and authoritative through their own body language.

    The course is aimed at people at all levels and across lots of different work roles.

    Jenny was used to presentations and public speaking on behalf of the corporate firms she worked for and in the community.

    When the opportunity came up to combine this with a training role she decided to give up corporate life and changed direction and now she has her own company.

    After using body language to help with interviews, negotiations and team building, as well as more direct applications like deception detection, clients Jenny if she could put something together to transfer some of the knowledge.

    She said: “I have been running the course now for a couple of years and people really seem to enjoy it, its fun and applicable to everyone.

    “I run courses on confidence and assertiveness, presentation skills and leadership topics.  I also teach memory techniques, study skills and persuasion and influence methods. 

    “I do really interesting and different negotiation skills training and also run courses on all aspects of purchasing and supply, teaching CIPS to Level 6 standard.  I really hope the staff at Harper enjoyed their course.”

    To find our more about Radcliffe Training Associates go to 

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