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    Harper work experience for local teens

    Posted 18 July 2011

    Remember that work experience is all about learning; so don’t be afraid about making mistakes.

    Ross McGinn in the teaching laboratories.

    Story by Frank Williams, on work experience from Burton Borough School, Newport

    Four local teenagers have spent a week on work experience at Harper Adams University College.

    Ross McGinn, Rachel Hutton, Frank Williams and Matt Parry worked in various locations across the campus for their year 10 work experience.

    15-year-old Ross from Adams Grammar School spent the week in the teaching laboratories. He completed a number of tasks involving microbiology, and experiments looking at the fatty acid content in milk and the fat and protein content in biscuits.

    Ross from Telford, said: “I enjoy science, and I wanted to see what the industry was like, so that I could look at what a future job would involve.

    “It was interesting being able to learn about microbes, and grow my own cultures.

    “I have learnt a lot while doing these experiments, because I have been able to ask questions as I go along.”

    Rachel, from Burton Borough School, worked at the Companion Animal House feeding the animals, cleaning out the cages and also gave a snake an injection. 

    The 15-year-old from Newport, said: “I like animals and would like to work with them in the future. I have had some previous experience before, because I’ve worked on my dad’s farm and I also own dogs and rabbits at home.

    “I was very nervous when I first arrived, because I was worried about making mistakes, but I was also excited because I would be working with animals. 

    “It is very different from school, because I am always busy and it is a very different style of work.”

    Frank, 15, also from Burton Borough School, worked in the press office, writing up articles about different events going on around the campus during the week.

    He took part in a number of tasks, including reporting on the Higher Education Choices (HEC) conference, which was presented by Adam Henson, from BBC ‘Countryfile’. 

    Frank, from Newport, said: “I have learnt a lot from this experience. I now have some knowledge in writing newspaper-style articles, and have learnt about photography.

    “Also, I have learnt a bit about agriculture, which is something I have never really thought about before.”

    Frank also has advice for future students considering similar work experience. He said: “You mustn’t be afraid to ask questions. Remember that work experience is all about learning; so don’t be afraid about making mistakes.”

    Finally, Burton Borough School student, Matt Parry, worked in the IT Department at various locations across the campus.

    He enjoyed working with the University Modernisation Fund, a team that produce online learning resources.

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