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    20th Temperton Report focusses on consumer attitudes to poultry

    Posted 14 June 2012

    Stephen Lister, Dr David Llewellyn and Peel Holroyd

    On Monday Harper Adams University College was delighted to host the 2012 Temperton Fellowship Research Report presentation, by 20th Fellow, Stephen Lister.

    Mr Lister is the co-founder of Crowshall Veterinary Services, a dedicated veterinary practice serving the poultry industry in East Anglia. His research report is entitled: "Poultry in the Public Eye - The Consumer: Industry Interface".

    The report, unveiled at the Farmers’ Club, examines the dramatic development of the poultry industry over the last 50 years, the power of the consumer to influence farm animal welfare, the contrast between consumers' stated intentions and actual buying behaviour, barriers to consumption of high welfare products and the need for greater education and knowledge transfer to consumers. 

    The full report can be obtained by emailing

    Mr Lister said: "It has been a great pleasure to undertake the 20th Temperton Fellowship for poultry research. What has been especially gratifying and essential to completing this report has been the support of colleagues across the poultry industry in supplying information and advice, and pointing me in the right direction."

    At the conclusion of Mr Lister’s presentation, Temperton Fellowship Chairman Peel Holroyd revealed that the 21st Temperton Fellowship would be awarded jointly to Mike Tyers and Julian Morgan, from Countrywide Farmers, experts on renewable energy sources and energy consumption within the poultry industry. 

    A special gift presentation was also made by The Master of the Worshipful Company of Poulters, John Briggs, to Harper Adams Principal Dr David Llewellyn. 

    The Temperton Fellowship was established to commemorate the contribution of Dr Harold Temperton, Director of the National Institute of Poultry Husbandry at Harper Adams University College from 1951 to 1974. It is financed by the accrued annual interest from the Temperton Trust investments, which are derived from contributions and donations, as well as proceeds from sales of the book – The History of the National Institute of Poultry Husbandry by ME Telford, PH Holroyd and RG Wells, published by Harper Adams University College, September 1986.


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