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    Pig Industry Scholarship for enthusiastic student Bryony

    Posted 2 February 2017

    Most of all my scholarship will offer me further work experience with animals that I know and respect."

    It’s clear to see that Harper Adams University student Bryony Farrington has a strong passion for pigs and the pig industry. Stemming from growing-up on a family farm, she has conducted her own nutrition projects and has now been awarded a scholarship to help her forge her own career in the industry.

    The 20 year-old BSc (Hons) Animal Science student, from York, North Yorkshire, said: “Being brought-up on my family farm breeding Welsh and Tamworth pigs and being a member of the British Pig Association Junior Pig Club have developed and enhanced my interest in the nutritional aspects of livestock production.

    “I’m especially interested in the variations of food conversion efficiencies of different breeds and bloodlines along with the influence diet plays on maintaining the food conversion efficiency and growth rates.

    “My interest in pig nutrition was further developed when I devised and investigated a series of feed trials to see how the feed conversions of the Welsh breed of pig differs to that of the Tamworth breed. This was so I could establish a more accurate cost of production for my family farm.

    “These trials highlighted the impact nutrition has on growth rates and carcass quality, and the need for tailoring rations to suit pigs of different genetic potential, health status and housing conditions.

    “I also show our pedigree pigs at county and local shows. From these, I have seen the difference that nutrition and diets have on an animal’s conformation.

    “I love my animal science course at Harper which has further strengthened my interest in pig nutrition and diet.”

    Bryony has been announced as a recipient of an AHDB Pork Pig Industry Scholarship which includes a paid placement year with AB Agri.

    On receiving the scholarship, Bryony said: “The scholarship will enhance my experience and knowledge of the pig industry; specifically in the production and nutrition sectors.

    “It’ll provide me with a better understanding of the industry which I’m enthusiastic to learn more about.

    “It’ll also improve my knowledge and understanding of the diets and nutritional components used in commercial pig production, in contrast to my own experience at home.

    “Most of all it will offer me further work experience with animals that I know and respect.

    “I’d like to say thank to AHDB Pork and AB Agri for selecting me and giving me an opportunity to work within an industry that I am passionate about.

    “The placement involves six months working on an intensive pig farm learning about commercial pig production and the rest working with ABN, an animal feed company.”

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