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    Statement on the University’s approach to Respect

    Posted 24 February 2021

    Harper Adams University is committed to fostering a community of respectfulness, positive relationships and experiences in an environment free of harassment, violence, exploitation and intimidation, where all members of the university community have a part to play in developing a positive environment and a campus culture of which they can be proud.

    Our student induction programme was extensively reviewed five years ago and continues to evolve. We have now reached a stage where all year groups have had this comprehensive induction programme.

    Our approach to managing accommodation allocations, inductions, welcome week etc. is all focussed on bridging divides, building respect and acceptance of difference (addressing sexual consent, bystander intervention and tolerance, among many other topics which prepare our students for university life).

    We work closely with our Students’ Union on matters of inclusion to ensure that messages across campus require all members of our community – students, staff and visitors - to demonstrate respect for diversity: of race, appearance, sexuality, diet and more.

    Our ethos is one of “be the change you want to see”, which means that all of us must play a part in helping to tackle instances of intolerance that they witness in wider society, or at university. We encourage bystander intervention to call out unacceptable behaviour. In line with the values of our Respect campaign, we continue to ask, listen and learn, to see how we can better support our community.

    We will always seek to educate our community to study, work and live together, but we also tackle directly all incidents reported to the university.

    We, therefore, encourage students to always report any behaviour they believe is unlawful or unacceptable.

    Evidence, while helpful in investigations, is not required to make a report on behalf of yourself or another. Any student making a report to Student Services will be given support. Our team is helpful, professional and is accustomed to working with utmost discretion.

    Or refer to the direct and out-of-hours contacts provided to all students.

    We have written to all students and staff to remind them of their duty to encourage respect and to report unacceptable behaviour should they experience, witness or hear about it.

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