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    Respect Action Plan Report, July 2022

    Posted 15 July 2022

    Overview of Respect Action Plan for 2021/22  - July 2022

    Area of Activity/Theme

    Actions Updates
    Governance and Leadership
    • Review Terms of Reference for the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) Group with a view to moving to a Governance Group for the oversight of all ED&I activity across the whole University community including Respect.

    • Create ED&I Strategy and review and redefine our values.

    • Develop routine reports to SMT, Exec and the Board including: key trends, reported incidents, outcomes, process review & training.
    The EDI Group has revised the Single Equality Scheme (setting out our strategy) and a standard incident report is under development.

    The annual EDI report has been shared with the Board and Executive Committee. Student discipline reports are received by the Vice Chancellor’s Group.

    Student Induction and Training

    • Student Life Manual - a tactile, student-friendly resource which embeds the principles of the Respect Policy.

    • Further development of student induction sessions and reinduction sessions/ warden training: Respect themes including personal conduct and use of social media, conduct as members of SU clubs and societies; with potential police support.

    • Further development of Warden induction programme to reflect changes to student induction/re-induction.

    • Further development work with the Student Assistance Programme to develop and tailor app content to suit the trends identified by the service e.g. anxiety and University intelligence e.g. self-acceptance and tolerance.

    Induction/reinduction sessions now routinely include Respect e.g. the 4 mandatory sessions for new starters in 2022/23 each have a Respect theme.

    We are changing our subscription for the Student Assistance Programme to increase the range of services and resources. The role of the Warden is being revisited and re-framed to position as a key role model and support officer for student University life and wellbeing.

    Staff training

    • Deliver Specialist training: for a wider group of key student-facing colleagues on investigation, sensitive case management and changing regulatory requirements (e.g., Prevent duty and sexual misconduct and harassment – linked to OfS review); and training on new policies relating to Respect and EDI.

    • Develop an integrated training and development framework relating to Learning and Teaching, with reference to Respect, the new Learning and Teaching Strategy and the Curriculum Review.

    • Develop training and development bite-size resources for team meetings and to be accessed when a particular need arises.

    • Promote the Skillgate library of related modules to encourage greater voluntary CPD in this area

    • Refresher EDI training at the organisational level as part of the launch of the revised EDI Strategy.

    Some specialist training (on student casework and Prevent and sexual misconduct) has been completed and more is planned (on staff casework).

    Respect is embedded into our Learning, Teaching and Student Experience Strategy (approved November 2021) and our Harper Forward (curriculum) framework (approved in March 2022)

    Respect-related Skillgate courses have been promoted and training/awareness-raising work has taken place through university committee meetings, an annual Respect Day (inaugural day held on 30th March 2022) and an all-staff meeting.

    A mandatory staff course on Respect and bystander intervention techniques has been designed and will be run from September 2022 onwards.

    Supporting and managing students
    • Appoint Student Conduct and Community Officer – oversee casework and development work to support Respect agenda.

    • Review role of student wardens and how to better support residential life.

    • Review configuration and accommodation offer in Harris & Gloucester to promote greater diversity as in other halls.

    Investment has been made in new permanent staff appointment to support conduct and community work. The members of staff have been in post throughout the academic year 2021/22.

    Some changes to the number and remit of Wardens were made in 2021/22 and further changes (see above) are planned for 2022/23.

    The review of our halls of residence will be considered as part of a wider piece of work associated with estates master planning.

    Reporting, monitoring and targeting interventions.
    • Develop student case management system that interacts with SITS and either includes or ‘talks to’ a reporting system.

      Plus, development of data feeds to Tableau (via Ultrix) for a dashboard, drawing also on the student engagement data set.

      See below for details in the investment section. Phase 1 will focus on developing the basic student that records all interactions with students and shares that information among course managers/tutors and relevant professional services staff).

    • A system for reporting that enables anonymous reporting and that is part of or ‘talks to’ a student case management system.

    • Further research and engagement with students, to capture the student voice and student stories and learning from other sectors (e.g. military).

    We have procured a sector-leading student case management system and implementation work has commenced; this work involves business process review/redesign, staff training as well as IT changes.

    An anonymous reporting system is in place, further web development work is in progress to make this more visible and accessible on our website.

    Examples from the military sought but no best practice identified.

    Staff feedback has been sought via an all-staff meeting and a pulse survey is scheduled at the end of the 2021/22 academic year (ending 31st July)

    An external review of our Respect work (approved in March 2022) is in progress.

    Targeted interventions have taken place with local pubs and stakeholders and further interventions are being developed  for SU clubs and societies.

    Living our values: promotion, celebration and role-modelling
    • Working with the Students’ Union, develop an enhanced programme of activities, promoting and celebrating our diverse community and its impact on/context within wider society; building on the current corporate calendar of events, grass-root initiatives, and promoting special-interest staff groups and other actions relating to developments in policy and practice.

    • Review/Revise the Student Disciplinary Policy

    • Review Student Complaints Policy

    • Embedding Respect across our educational programmes and curricula (within the context of the new Learning and Teaching Strategy and the related developmental work and processes).

    All policies and strategies in place and implementation arrangements are all operating.

    A programme of events and engagement activity has taken place during 2021/22, including a whole University Respect Day, International Womens’ Day celebrations and multiple engagements with Alumni, the local council and on social media platforms with regard to Respect. Further activities will be planned for 2022/23.

    Respect is embedded in our education and course design work (see above).

    Evaluation & future planning
    • Develop a reflective and evaluative community approach to our Respect journey through:
      - communication pathway for first-year students throughout the year about the lived experience on campus and our expectations;
      - sharing staff stories and understanding how they compare to other universities and communities;
      - grounding our evaluation and follow-up work within the context of external best practice.

    • Delivering collaborative workshops with our SU to evaluate the delivery of this action plan and identify next steps.

    Student feedback/experiences have been sought via a World-café event (with the SU) in March 2022, the latest SU Student Voice survey. Data from these is currently being triangulated with qualitative comments via the NSS and our internal student survey conducted each summer.

    Data sets from the new reporting systems, along with information arising from the external review of Respect, staff and student surveys and feedback from workshops, staff meetings and training will be reviewed and incorporated into the annual review process for Respect.

    The Respect Action Plan for 2022/23 will be updated and developed further to the external review of Respect which has been commissioned and is underway. Updated plans will be signed off and monitored through the University’s normal governance processes. Agreed actions will include ongoing programmes of work that necessarily have a timescale longer than a single academic year.

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