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    Posted 7 May 2003

    AN EXCITING NEW initiative, pioneered by the Rural Business School at Harper Adams University College, is to be officially launched on Thursday, May 29, 2003.

    The Convalescent and Recuperative Environment (CaRE) project is an innovative scheme that aims to offer support to farmers and other residents in rural areas, who are interested in offering non-medical or respite care in spare accommodation.

    Project leaders hope CaRE will help expand the provision of accommodation and support for people with all types of special needs and disabilities within the West Midlands region and provide an invaluable service to anyone looking to diversify into this area.

    Trevor Sheard, Head of the Farm Business Advisory Service at Business Link Shropshire, said: “This is just the sort of thinking that we need, adding a new dimension to rural diversification, offering new opportunities and forging links between rural business and the community at large.”

    Both BSE and Foot & Mouth Disease have hit the rural community hard during the last few years and Harper Adams University College is keen to provide support to those in crisis. CaRE will allow those interested in this type of diversification to benefit from having the University’s expertise at their disposal and will offer on-line resources, workshops and training courses in conjunction with relevant organisations.

    The conference will take place at Harper Adams University College, near Edgmond, Newport on Thursday, May 29. Key contributors will include Liz Lynne MEP, Rapporteur for the European Year of People with Disabilities 2003, DEFRA and the ‘Supporting People’ team from Shropshire County Council.

    If you are interested in attending or would like further information about the CaRE project, please contact Debbie Wilcox on 01 952 815 330 or E-mail:


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