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    Harper Adams expert behind three new food marketing books

    Posted 5 May 2009

    An expert at Harper Adams University College has co-authored three new books on food marketing, which are being published this spring and summer.

    Dr Martin K Hingley, Harper Adams reader and principal lecturer in marketing, in conjunction with Professor Adam Lindgreen, of Hull University Business School (HUBS), tackles Market Orientation, The Crisis of Food Brands and The New Cultures of Food, in the three volumes which all draw on original research.

    In New Cultures of Food (2009, Ashgate Publishing) Lindgreen and Hingley draw on research into European, Latin American and (Near and Far) Eastern markets to provide a comprehensive collection of original, cutting-edge research on the opportunities that the changing landscape of ethnic, religious and cultural populations present for businesses and marketers.

    The authors use the perspective of food culture to explore the role of food as a social agent and attitudes to new foodstuffs amongst indigenous populations and to indigenous food amongst immigrant communities. The book has received many endorsements, including the following:

    “The New Cultures of Food: Opportunities from Ethnic, Religious, and Cultural Diversities… is a rich source of thought for everyone who wants to get deeper insights in the marketing challenges and opportunities for the food and agribusiness industry induced by the fast changing landscape of ethnic, religious and cultural groups.”  - Prof. Onno Omta, Wageningen University

    Food and agribusiness is one of the fastest changing global market, with that change driven by technology, developments in manufacturing and supply, and a growing consumer engagement. The success of the agri-food industry and many household brand names will depend on how much is understood about these changes and the extent to which secure and competitive products can be delivered in the face of growing expectations about food safety and quality, as well as changing attitudes to the environment, human diet and nutrition, and animal welfare.

    The Crisis of Food Brands (2009, Ashgate Publishing), by Lindgreen, Hingley and HUBS visiting professor Dr. Joëlle Vanhamme, offers perspectives on many key aspects of these changes.

    The Crisis of Food Brands is endorsed by Sir Donald Curry, Chairman of the Government’s Sustainable Food and Farming Delivery Group, among others. Sir Donald said: “The book offers both theoretical and practical insights - and is a must-have for anyone with responsibility for marketing food, communicating about the food industry, or connecting with consumers.”  

    For their third title, Market Orientation, Lindgreen and Hingley are joined by Harper Adams Principal Lecturer in Business Management and Marketing Dr Paul Custance, and Dr  David Harness, of HUBS, to provide a comprehensive collection of cutting-edge research on the challenges and opportunities presented to those seeking to adopt a market orientation, in particular with regard to the consequences for food and agricultural businesses and the development of appropriate strategic marketing plans for those businesses.

    Market Orientation received a glowing endorsement from Prof. Ajay Kohli, Editor, Journal of Marketing, and Professor at Emory University, among others. Prof. Kohli says: “This book provides a thoughtful treatment of market orientation research, and its applications in the food and agriculture industries. It is a ‘must read’ for executives in these industries.

    Dr Hingley and Prof Lindgreen will be hosting the marketing conference “Food for Thought” at HUBS on June 4, when they will be joined by Dr Custance as a guest speaker. For more information visit the News and Events pages at

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