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    Why is agri-tech research important?

    The Agri-Tech Research Centre is a network of leading multidisciplinary researchers working on innovative agricultural technology for sustainable agriculture, precision farming, automation and robotics.

    The Agri-Tech Research Centre develops and exploits technology to enable addressing regional, national and global farming and food security issues for the benefit of future sustainability, concentrating on energy conservation, environmental protection and global climate change.

    Contact us

    Research contact 01952 81 5113
    Monday to Friday: 9am - 5pm

    Centre lead

    Our expertise

    The Agri-Tech Research Centre has a wide expertise in agricultural technology, engineering and agri-tech economics ranging from swarm robotics, drones, autonomous vehicles, telemetrics, electronic identification and artificial intelligence to precision spraying, sustainable soil management (Controlled Traffic Farming, Low Tyre/Track Pressure Systems, reduced tillage strategies), soil engineering (soil-tyre-tine interactions) and advanced agronomy (eg. intercropping). Through the Global Institute for Agri-Tech Economics (GIATE) the group is linked to a worldwide network of agri-tech economics researchers. 

    What can we do for you?

    The Harper Adams Agri-Tech Research Centre is uniquely positioned to develop, prototype, test and assess the design, economic and social potential for new engineering based agricultural technology. 

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