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    Why is companion animal health research important?

    In a 2023 report by the PDSA, it was shown that in the UK alone, there are around 11 million pet dogs, 11 million pet cats and 1.1 million pet rabbits. In addition to this, there is an estimated population of around 1 million horses.

    The Companion Animal Health Sciences Research Group aims to investigate threats to the health and welfare of these animals, with a focus on preventative treatments, evidence-based welfare-friendly management and holistic animal care. As a newly formed research group at Harper Adams, the research team are beginning with a focus on some of the greatest threats to companion animal welfare including canine obesity, canine osteoarthritis and factors related to animal management. With experts in veterinary physiotherapy, nursing and medicine, as well as companion animal behaviour and welfare, the group aims to improve the health and welfare of pet animals, through assessing the efficacy of new and existing treatments for common conditions.

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    Research contact 01952 81 5113
    Monday to Friday: 9am - 5pm

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    Our expertise

    The Companion Animal Health Sciences group spans the Department of Animal Health, Behaviour and Welfare with experts in veterinary physiotherapy, veterinary nursing, veterinary medicine and animal behaviour. The group consists of scientists, clinicians and technicians and offers a truly multi-disciplinary approach to animal health science research. With this, the experts within the group are able to look at health conditions and their treatment from a number of different aspects, allowing a rigorous and holistic approach to improving the health and welfare of companion animals. 

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