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    Sustainable usage and upcycling of brewery by-products


    This themed project looks at all facets related to the upcycling of brewery (and distillery) by-products. Some parts are specifically aimed at pragmatic usage for the craft brewing industry, but most applications are suitable for upscaling to large industries.


    Brewers' spent grain

    We have established various methods of processing brewers' and distillers' spent grain for the incorporation into a range of foods.

    Spent grain Bread

    In our various trials we have established the spent grain quantities that can be added to a bread recipe, while on the one hand establinging a unique bread-type and on the other hand maintaining a high quality bread that enoys high consumer satisfaction.

    Spent grain Sourdough bread

    We created an easy-to-use pre-fermented spent grain sourdough that allows the production of sourdough bread that meets all quality parameters of commercially and artisinal available sourdough products. See 2021 publication.

    This pre-fermented spent grain sourdough is now being traailed as a sourdough pre-mix fro home baking. This project is ongoing.

    Black pudding

    We have created a blackpudding in which we replaced much of teh traditional cereals with brewers spent grain. We are now working with the breweries that assisted us with making their spent grain available for our trials, in returning the food produced with their spent grain back into their business. This includes the production of "spent grain hamburgers", served in soft spent grain buns, that are to be consumed with the beer the spent grain came from.

    Lead Organisation

    Harper Adams University

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