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    Improving the qualiy of frozen-thawed ram semen


    This research aims to 1) Improve the integrity and function of cryopreserved ram semen through the use of antioxidants. 2) Determine the effect of oxidative stress on heat shock protein expression in spermatozoa. 3) Reduce the effect of cryopreservation on heat shock protein expresison in ram sperm. It is hoped that this research will aid the development of cryopreservation protocols for ram spermatozoa which will then promote the use of assisted reproductive technologes in the sheep industry.


    Whilst cryopreservation is a widely available technology in livestock breeding systems, it's use in the sheep industry is limited. Cryopreservation induces biochemial and physiological alterations in the spermatozoa such as oxidatve stress and changes in heat shock protein expression. Consequently, frozen-thawed spermatozoa have reduced fertilising capacity. This research aims to determine the effect of oxidative stress on spermatozoa heat shock protein expression and to investigate ways in which oxidative stress can be reduced by the use of antioxidants.

    Lead Organisation

    Harper Adams University

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