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    Gluten Free products in the retail section. An international study investigating the availability, quality and cost of gluten free foods.


    Gluten free products are essential for people who suffer from coeliac disease or have a more generic gluten intolerance. In both instances people are forced to resort to consuming gluten free foods. This ongoing, international project seeks to establish the ease and difficulties encountered by people purchasing gluten free produce.


    This project aims to monitor the retail sector in a wide range of countries with regards to: availability of gluten free produce; the quality of gluten free produce; and the relative cost of gluten free produce as compared to equivalent gluten-containing produce.

    In order to achieve our goals, we surveying the main supermarkets and the budget supermarkets in a wide range of countrues AND we survey the opinions of consumers of gluten free produce.

    This study is in its third iteration in the United Kingdom, and is currently being rolled in wide range of other countries including: Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Finland, France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, China, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and Mexico. This list of countries is constantly expanding with new research partners getting on board with this project. If you as an academic/researcher would like to join this international collaboration, please get in contact with the project director to discuss the project and how to join in.

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    Harper Adams University

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