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    Stakeholder inclusion in UK agricultural innovation


    A small project funded by the Centre for Effective Innovation in Agriculture, exploring the why, how, and who of stakeholder inclusion in agricultural innovation funded by Defra and Innovate UK. This is a spin-off from a larger PhD project.


    The  project interviews policy-makers in Defra and Innovate UK to explore stakeholder inclusion practices in publicly funded agricultural innovation in the UK. Using the framework of responsible innovation, the project investigates who is being included in UK agricultural innovation, how they are being included, and why. We are interested in identifying ways in which public funding can encourage substantive stakeholder inclusion, which is a key part of responsible transitions. 

    The project is a spin-off of a PhD by Kirsten Ayris, based at the University of Reading and jointly supervised by David Rose at Harper Adams. The most relevant paper from Kirsten's project is listed below.

    Funding Body


    Lead Organisation

    Harper Adams University


    University of Reading


    Ayris, K., Jackman, A., Mauchline, A. et al. Exploring inclusion in UK agricultural robotics development: who, how, and why?. Agric Hum Values (2024).

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