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    Summer Research Placements 2011-16


    Working with the industry to develop the next generation of technical staff for the UK horticulture industry through a Summer Research Programme. This is funded through a 5 year Horticultural Fellowship Award to Dr Jim Monaghan.


    The recent Royal Society report and the Field and Vegetable Task Force report have both highlighted the shortage of applied technical expertise available to the UK horticulture industry.  Reduction in government funding for applied horticulture research has led to a marked reduction in the pool of applied researchers available for employment in industry, research and advisory/agronomist roles.  In addition the loss of many relevant crops focussed courses and modules from Universities have led to a marked shortage of opportunities for undergraduates to be exposed to, and trained in, applied research in horticulture crop production compared to 10-15 years ago.  This limits the number of suitable candidates for technical roles in industry, research studentships, technical roles in universities or institutes, or agronomy and extension businesses. 

    We have launched a Summer Research Programme (SRP) based at Harper Adams University College (HAUC) and led by Jim Monaghan.  The SRP will recruit 3-4 UK undergraduate students (and potentially seconded industry employees) each year.  These students will then carry out applied agronomy/crop production research projects within the Fresh Produce Research Centre and be supported by other research staff associated with the centre.

    Funding Body

    HDC/East Malling Trust/Horticulture Trades Association


    Click the file name to download the project file:

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