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    Whether you’re coming to university for the first time, returning from a long vacation back home, or coming back to university after your placement year, it can be difficult to transition to university life.

    New routines and new environments take some time to get used to. You also might not be living near your friendship group or family, which can make struggles feel harder. Try to remember that most people around you are in the same boat, and that everyone struggles from time to time.

    We can help you with all aspects of wellbeing, including referrals to counselling or mental health services. The Student Services team can also signpost to services outside of the university, if needed.

    If you’re finding things difficult and need support, Harper Adams has a dedicated Student Wellbeing Officer who can help you during your time at university.

    Remember: trust your feelings, and if something is worrying you then seek support, no problem is too small.

    Our advice:

    1. Try joining one of the university clubs or societies - whether you play a sport, enjoy making music, or want to try something new, joining a club can be a great way to make new friends in a new area.
    2. Make sure you're eating well and getting enough sleep.
    3. Make time for fun - whatever that means to you.
    4. Spend time with friends.
    5. Have an evening off in front of the TV.
    6. Go for a walk.
    7. Have a cuppa while you read a book that isn't a textbook!

    Whatever helps you to relax and gives your brain a break, make time for it. If these seem overwhelming, you don’t know where to start, or you need some extra support, contact the Wellbeing Team, as well as the wider Student Services team, who can help to make your journey easier.

    As well as the Wellbeing Team at the University, there are also other services where you can access help.

    SAP (the Student Assistance Programme)

    SAP offers 24/7 over the phone support, with a host of service for current registered Harper Adams students: counselling; debt advice; legal advice; self-help programmes and more. You can also download the Widsom App to take advantage of further wellbeing support and self-help tools. For details, please view the Student Assistance Programme under Documents on this page.


    Kooth offers a free online chat service with qualified counsellors 7 days a week (Monday – Friday 12-10pm, Saturday and Sunday 6-10pm), as well as support from the Kooth community, articles written by other young people, and the chance to keep a journal online. It’s free to sign up, just head to to get started.

    Student Minds

    Student Minds is the UK’s student mental health charity. They have links to all kinds of support for yourself or to help you support a friend who might be struggling with a wide range of topics. They also have a blog written by students for students. Go to where you can search for blog posts by topic – everything from exam stress to life after graduation, eating disorders to anxiety, and many more.

    Contact us

    If you have not yet started at Harper Adams University but you would like to discuss your situation, please contact the Student Wellbeing Officer. A support plan can be put into place before your arrival to try and ease the transition into university life.

    In case of emergency

    During term-time out of office hours, if you are concerned about someone’s wellbeing on campus you can phone the Residences Officers on 07969 472913. Alternatively,  call Security on 07980 061128.

    If someone’s life is at risk, whether you are on or off campus, you should phone 999 (and then inform Security if you are on campus).

    During office hours

    Monday to Friday (9am - 5pm)

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