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    Student Support

    Mental Health

    If you are worried about your health – or that of a fellow student – come along for a confidential chat.

    We all have times when we feel stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. These feelings are normal and usually pass quite quickly, but you may need some extra support to get you through tough times. That’s what our Mental Health Advisor, is here for. Don’t suffer in silence – talking about how you’re feeling with a trained advisor can help with lots of different symptoms, including:

    • Low mood
    • Lack of emotions
    • Loss of interest in life and others
    • Withdrawing
    • Lack of confidence
    • Low self-esteem
    • Confused
    • Erratic or unusual behaviour
    • Difficulty in making decisions
    • Suspicious of others
    • Inappropriate behaviour
    • Memory impairment
    • Poor concentration
    • Feeling tired and exhausted
    • Trouble sleeping
    • No appetite
    • Frightened and anxious constantly

    Urgent help

    Student Services
    09:00 - 17:00 Monday to Friday
    01952 815396

    Out of Hours support
    After 5pm and at weekends
    07969 472913

    999 (and contact Security if on campus)

    What can you do for me?

    There are lots of reasons to come along for a confidential chat:

    • You think you might have a mental health condition but aren't sure what it is.
    • Feeling stressed or upset is affecting your studies
    • You have been diagnosed with a mental health condition
    • You have a diagnosis of a mental health condition pending
    • You are worried about a friend’s wellbeing

    What support can the mental health advisor provide?

    • Ongoing individual support sessions
    • Identify academic and support needs
    • Help to cope with your condition
    • Support with course assignments and exams
    • Advice and support on mental health and medical care
    • Information on the Disabled Students Allowance
    • A link between you and the university

    Other sources of help

    As well as the Wellbeing Team at the University, there are also other services where you can access help:

    SAP (the Student Assistance Programme) offers 24/7 over the ‘phone support, with a host of service for current registered Harper Adams students: counselling; debt advice; legal advice; self-help programmes and more. You can also download the ‘My Healthy Advantage’ App to take advantage of further wellbeing support and self-help tools. For details, please click on 'Student Assistance Programme' in the documents on the right hand side of this page.

    Kooth offers a free online chat service with qualified counsellors 7 days a week (Monday – Friday 12-10pm, Saturday and Sunday 6-10pm), as well as support from the Kooth community, articles written by other young people, and the chance to keep a journal online. It’s free to sign up, just head to to get started.

    Student Minds is the UK’s student mental health charity. They have links to all kinds of support for yourself or to help you support a friend who might be struggling with a wide range of topics. They also have a blog written by students for students. Go to where you can search for blog posts by topic – everything from exam stress to life after graduation, eating disorders to anxiety, and many more.

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