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    How to Apply

    Reviewing your application

    So what happens to your application to study at Harper Adams once it has been submitted to us?

    At first, your application will be looked at and checked by our Admissions Team alongside our Course Managers before a decision is made.

    When will I hear?

    We will do our very best to process applications within a few days of receipt. You will receive an email acknowledgement when your application has been successfully received by us, which could be a few days after you have sent it to UCAS. We may need to contact you for some further information if we are unable to consider your application without it, so please ensure that you regularly check your emails. We might ask for things such as copies of certificates, details of work experience completed or anything else which may be missing from the UCAS form. Our Foundation Year Programme courses and international students require an interview before a decision can be made on your application, and we will arrange this with you if necessary. The latest date by which all universities must advise you of their decision is usually early May (for on-time applications).

    Discussing an application

    If you have any questions at all about your application at any stage, please get in contact - we are a friendly bunch and we are here to help you!

    We are very sorry but we are only able to discuss the details of an application with the applicant themselves or with the person nominated as a contact on UCAS. If you need to discuss your application further with us, it is best if you try to do this yourself, otherwise we may be limited in what we can talk about. 


    Some applicants might need an interview. We currently only routinely interview applicants for our Foundation Year Programme courses and International applicants who require a visa to study.

    We aim to keep our interviews as relaxed as possible - we are not trying to catch you out! The main purpose is to ensure that you are suitable for the course and that the course is right for you.

    Interviews for our Foundation Year  Programme courses will take place virtually via Microsoft Teams. Applicants suitable for interview will be sent an invitation by email with clear instructions on how to participate. 

    Interviews for other courses will only be required on an ad-hoc basis should the Course Manager wish to discuss any aspect of your application.

    All potentially suitable international applicants who require visa sponsorship will need to be interviewed virtually via Microsoft Teams.

    Your interview will be with a member of the course team to which you have applied. International applicants may also be interviewed by our English Language Support Team Manager.

    You can expect to be asked about:

    • the reasons behind your course choice and career aspirations
    • any work experience you have completed and what you felt you gained from it
    • questions relating to the area you have applied for (such as latest developments or media stories).

    How will I find out if I have been successful?

    Following your interview, we aim to make decisions within 2 weeks, although in most cases you will hear from us much sooner than this. All decisions will be shared with you via UCAS so we recommend you check this regularly. You will also receive an email from us containing other important information.

    If you did not require an interview, you can expect to receive a decision within 10 days of receipt of your application. If we have requested additional information from you, it will take a little longer to review your application.

    If you receive an offer from us you will need to wait until you have heard from all of your chosen universities before you are able to make your firm and insurance choices. UCAS will tell you the date by which you need to make a decision.

    If you are unsuccessful we will write to you personally to explain the reason for our decision and offer advice for any future applications where applicable.

    Conditional/unconditional offers

    If you receive an offer it will either be conditional or unconditional.

    A conditional offer means you still need to meet some of our requirements, which could be exam results, amount or type of work experience, English language requirements or other conditions such as deposits for international students.

    An unconditional offer means that you have met all of our requirements and will have a confirmed place at Harper Adams University should you choose to accept it. We really hope you do!

    Once you have an offer from Harper Adams University, please visit the proceeding with your application page.

    Contact us

    We are happy to answer any questions you may have, either by phone or email.

    Faccenda (Student Centre)
    +44 (0)1952 81 5000

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