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Frequently Asked Questions

2022 Applicant FAQs

Admissions and entry requirements in light of Covid-19

While the Covid-19 pandemic is not over, it is hoped that applicants for 2022 entry will be able to complete their assessments in the normal way. We will continue to closely monitor the situation and should there be additional disruption to the awarding of qualifications in the Summer of 2022, we will continue to apply as much flexibility as we can should applicants not meet their offers.

The University will continue to accept, without prejudice, qualifications, awarded in 2020 and 2021, where alternative forms of assessment were used. We will continue to consider them on par with the same qualification awarded in previous years. Applicants with any concerns are welcome to contact the Admissions Office.

Undergraduate applicants and offer holders

Regardless of the working location of staff and any restrictions which may be in place, the University continues to receive and assess applications and make offers in the normal way. We will endeavour to ensure that all applicants are kept informed should any changes be required to application processing as a result of the pandemic. Where applicable, we encourage applicants to ensure they are aware of any relevant UCAS guidance and that they are aware of their individual application deadlines which can be viewed on the UCAS Hub.

I am concerned that I will not meet my offer due to all the disruption caused by the pandemic – what can I do?

We understand that the last two years have been unusual and stressful year for students and that that for many students, school closures may have had an impact on their performance in their assessments, although we hope that schools are putting in support to help students to reach their full potential. With this in mind, when results are received, the Admissions Team will apply as much flexibility as possible when considering any applicant who has not met their offer conditions.

We will never reject an applicant without revisiting their original application information and without considering if we have any suitable alternatives. Our Extended Degree programme is one such alternative that may be offered to applicants who are in this position. Our Admissions Policy contains details of the Disrupted Studies policy which encourages applicants who have faced significant difficulties to submit a form for their case to be considered with extra leniency at results time.

Any applicant with questions or concerns should contact the Admissions Team for advice.

My offer contains a work experience condition but I am struggling to get it - what should I do?

We understand that getting new work experience may be difficult in the event of future lockdowns and social distancing, especially in small settings such as vet practices. Our course pages hold up to date information on our work experience requirements and these take into account difficulties which students may experience. For some course areas, we have extended the validity period of required work experience to include time pre-pandemic and we are also accepting a wider range of experience than we would have previously. However we know that for some applicants it may still be a struggle to get the work experience that they need. Please contact the Admissions Office if you are in this situation.

We may be able to extend the deadline for the experience to be completed and may be able to provide suggestions on what else you could do. As we still value prior work experience, we are keen to see evidence of the efforts that you have made to try to gain experience so documentation such as copies of emails where you have unfortunately been turned down will go a long way to demonstrate your commitment to gaining a place on the course.

All students placed on courses in September 2021 requiring work experience met the requirements so we are confident that new applicants will be able to meet the requirements for 2022 entry.

Applicants with any questions are welcome to contact the Admissions Team at or on 01952 815000

For information about Open Days and opportunities to visit the campus please visit our events page.

Postgraduate applications

Applications to study our postgraduate programmes for September 2022 entry open in mid-January 2022. The Admissions Team will assess these applications in the normal way and will provide applicants with advice and guidance as required. More information is available on the Postgraduate application page.

International students

I am hoping to join the University in 2022 and I am unsure about making my travel arrangements. What should I do?

Students who need a student visa will only receive their CAS for their visa application once all their offer conditions are met and no earlier than 3 months before the start of the course. Prior to this, applicants requiring a visa are strongly advised to ensure that they are aware of the requirements to make an application and to collate the documentation required so they can make their application immediately once their CAS has been issued.

International students (including those from the EU) are advised to monitor the COVID-19 situation in their own (home) country and ensure that they only travel where permitted to do so. The Admissions Team will ensure that international applicants are made aware of any changes to student visa guidance. If you require any advice on the visa application process, please contact the International Officer.

Where there are delays in obtaining your travel documents or obtaining a flight, the University will assess your situation on a case by case basis, to determine whether you can start your programme a little later, although for most courses, this provision is unlikely to extend beyond two weeks from the normal start date

What if I am having difficulty making arrangements to be tested for my English language at an approved centre?

We are aware that in some countries it may be difficult to access an English Language test due to local restrictions. Where your offer contains a test type which you are unable to access, we may be able to accept an alternative, provided it meets our equivalency standards and is accepted for Student visa applications where applicable. If you have any concerns or questions about English Language tests, please contact our English Language Support team for advice. 

Contact us

Faccenda (Student Centre)
+44 (0)1952 81 5000

General FAQs

I am interested in applying to Harper Adams University, when can I visit the campus?

Campus Tour Afternoons and Open Day dates are listed on our website, if you would like to attend an event please follow the instructions to register online.

My qualifications aren’t listed on the entry requirements, what should I do?

If the qualifications you have completed or are currently studying are not listed please contact the Admissions Team who will be happy to advise you on your eligibility.

I am mature student struggling to obtain an academic reference, what should I do?

We will need a reference before we can offer a place for the course but if you are having difficulties with this please contact the Admissions Team and we will advise you.

Are there any part time or distance learning undergraduate degrees available?

At present all of our degree courses are full time and we do not offer any distance learning programmes. We do however run a number of apprenticeship programmes.

Do you consider late applications?

The UCAS application facility opens in September and all ‘on-time’ applications must be submitted by the last Wednesday in January. Any applications submitted after this date will be classed as ‘late’ and institutions are not obliged to consider them. However, where we still have places available, we guarantee to review late applications.

Do I have to do a placement year?

Placement years are a compulsory, assessed part of our degrees. We have found employers really like this feature of our courses and it helps graduates to find a job after they have completed their studies. In a small number of circumstances, those with significant relevant experience working in industry, upwards of at least 2 years, may be exempt from placement, however, this experience would need to be assessed by the Course Manager against the learning outcomes required for placement. We recommend however, that even those students with experience complete a placement year. If you have any questions regarding the placement year please contact the Admissions Team.

Can I apply for deferred entry?

We welcome applications from candidates who have chosen not to enter higher education directly from school/college, particularly if they are gaining further practical work experience.

A year between school and college can be beneficial in enhancing a student's maturity and motivation. If you are thinking of taking a year out you can apply in the usual way in your final year at school/college, indicating the year of entry on your UCAS form. If you later decide that you wish to begin university earlier, please contact the Admissions Officer as soon as possible. Also remember that, you can also apply to us during your gap year. Please note that if you apply for deferred entry, you will need to fulfil the terms of any offer during the application cycle, so unfortunately you are unable to use a “gap” year to obtain any required work experience.

I am holding a place at another institution but I have changed my mind, what should I do?

If you are now considering applying to Harper Adams University please contact the Admissions Team via email stating your qualifications and the course(s) you are interested in. Please do not withdraw from the offer you are currently holding until we have let you know whether we are likely to consider an application from you.

What is a changed course offer?

Where an applicant has not achieved the conditions of their offer for entry onto their intended course, we may consider offering an alternative course, which the applicant can then choose to accept or decline. We would only do this where places are available and where it is deemed appropriate for the individual, taking the entire application into account.

What does 'subject to validation' mean?

Validation is the process through which courses are initially developed and then improved to give students the very best experience, taking into account employer feedback and subject developments.

What is a top-up degree?

If you have a foundation degree or HND you may be able to convert it to a full degree with an extra one year of full-time study, depending on your existing qualification and whether you top-up to a BSc or a BSc honours degree. Having a full degree really does open more doors to graduate level employment or running you own business. If you are interested in a top-up degree, please contact the Admissions Team for advice regarding your eligibility.

What are the term dates for the next academic year?

A list of the term dates can be found on the Key Information page.


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