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    Meet the teams: Dr Evi Paximada

    10 June 2020

    Continuing our series of “meet the team” blogs, in this entry, we meet another member of the Food Technology and Innovation Department; Lecturer in Food Science and Technology Dr Evi Paximada.

    Evi’s specialisms include dairy chemistry and functionality, emulsions, powder formation, encapsulation of sensitive ingredients, functional ingredients, food structuring and nano-techmology.

    She joined the Food Technology and Innovation department at Harper Adams University a year ago and is currently teaching modules related to food science, research and food processing and dairy related topics.

    Her PhD is in food science from the Agricultural University of Athens. She moved to the UK to work as a researcher at Sheffield Hallam University in 2017 where she focused on the development of novel low-fat and low-salt cheese.

    She has had experience of collaborating with various companies, universities and research institutes in Greece, Netherlands, Spain and the UK for research and training purposes.

    Evi said: “I’m interested in investigating how the physicochemical properties are affecting the final product’s quality and structure. My focus is on the texture and microstructure of dairy products and sauces.

    “The food industry is very exciting as continuously offers novel ways to be creative while addressing the need of humans to sustain themselves.

    “Prominent challenges that I’m focusing on at Harper Adams are reduction of fat content, addition of health-promoting ingredients while using new processing technologies.”

    Dr Evi Paximada Dr Evi Paximada



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