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    Joe's NFU Ambassador blog

    17 August 2020

    Keen to make an impact on the world of agriculture, FdSc Agri-Business student Joe Bramall is using his platform to share his insight into British farming. With a Youtube platform already well established, Joe is championing dairy farming across social media, including in his new role as NFU Student and Young Farmer Ambassador. Here he tells us all about it.

    Being the only one in my year at school from a farming family showed me the disconnect between the public and where their food comes from. Becoming an NFU Student & Young Farmer Ambassador means that I can build a platform to show the public how great British farming is.

    I first heard about the programme through another Harper student who was also one of last year’s ambassadors, Sioned Davies. I met Sioned at one of the societies we were both a part of in first year; from then I researched a bit more about the programme and found that it was something I really wanted to be a part of but previously didn’t know that there was anything out there that I could join to support the #BackBritishFarming campaign.

    The online application questions were quite challenging to answer as they were quite broad topics. They went from asking about what I would bring to the programme, to how I could get the public to #BackBritishFarming. Luckily, from my Professional Skills Development module at Harper and having already applied for my placement, I had a bit of experience on answering this style of question.

    After that, I was asked for an interview and - in a first for me - I was interviewed over Microsoft Teams. It seemed a bit surreal at first but will be the new ‘normal’ in future for everybody. The application process is a great experience and I would encourage anyone to give it a go next year!

    Following the interview, I couldn’t quite believe it when I got the call - keeping the news quiet from people was the hardest bit! I am very excited to have been selected and I can’t wait to get started promoting British Farming to the public!

    I think the year will be very exciting meeting new people from across the industry with new ideas that have a similar passion for agriculture. Brexit has given us a unique opportunity to shape the future of government legislation and securing political support for farming in the Agriculture Bill would be a big achievement for our industry.

    I hope my journey, coming from a fairly suburban high school, will get people coming from a similar backgrounds to become more interested in agriculture and help support the #BackBritishFarming campaign.

    I would really like to encourage anyone to get involved in any way they can to promote British Farming. A great way to start that is to become an NFU Student and Young Farmer member. The best way to promote British farming is to come together as an industry and get our message out there and it has never been more critical to do so!

    Read more of the ambassadors' story here.

    Joe's NFU Ambassador blog



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