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    Professor Mark Rutter

    BSc (Hons) MSc PhD FHEA FRSB

    Professor of Applied Animal Behaviour

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    Research Interests

    My current research is focussed on how an understanding of the natural behaviour of domestic cattle can help improve their production efficiency as well as their welfare. This includes an interest in domestication and the evolutionary basis of behaviour. I am also interested in the role that precision livestock technologies can play in promoting sustainable livestock production and animal welfare.

    I am currently the co-supervisor of four postgraduate students: Juliana Garcia Alvarez,  Georgina Wager, Daniel Wright and Gerben Hofstra (HAS Green Academy, The Netherlands)

    Professional Memberships

    Academic Department: Animal Health, Behaviour and Welfare

    Tel: 01952 815463

    Office: N3 Jubilee Adams, Tudor Lodge and NW Building

    Research profile: ORCID

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    Other publications

    • Orr, R.J., Tozer, K.N., Griffith, B.A., Champion, R.A., Cook, J.E. and Rutter, S.M. (2012) Foraging paths through vegetation patches for beef cattle in semi-natural pastures Applied Animal Behaviour Science 141 (p1-8)
    • Rutter, S.M. (2012) A 'smart' future for ruminant livestock production? Cattle Practice 20 (p186-193)
    • Charlton, G.L., Rutter, S.M., East, M., Sinclair, L.A. (2011) Preference of dairy cows: Indoor cubicle housing with access to a total mixed ration vs. access to pasture Applied Animal Behaviour Science 130 (p1-9)
    • Charlton G.L., Rutter S.M., East M., and Sinclair L.A (2011) Effects of providing total mixed rations indoors and on pasture on the behaviour of lactating dairy cattle and their preference to be indoors or on pasture Journal of Dairy Science 94 (p3875-3884)
    • Rutter, S.M. (2010) Review: Grazing preferences in sheep and cattle: Implications for production, the environment and animal welfare Canadian Journal of Animal Science 90 (p285-293)
    • Hessle, A., Rutter, S.M., Wallin, K. (2008) Effect of breed, season and pasture moisture gradient on foraging behaviour in cattle on semi-natural grasslands. Applied Animal Behaviour Science 111 (p108-119)
    • Rutter, S.M. (2007) The integration of GPS, vegetation mapping and GIS in ecological and behavioural studies. Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia 36 (special supplement, p63-70)
    • Chapman, D.F., Parsons, A.J., Cosgrove, G.P., Baker, D.J., Marotti, D.M., Venning, K.J., Rutter, S.M. and Thompson, A.N. (2007) Impacts of spatial patterns in pasture on animal grazing behaviour, intake and performance Crop Science 47 (p399-415)
    • Ungar, E.D. and Rutter, S.M. (2006) A comparison of the IGER Behaviour Recorder and acoustic monitoring for the identification and classification of jaw movements in cattle Applied Animal Behaviour Science 98 (p11-27)
    • Rutter, S.M. (2006) Diet preference for grass and legumes in free-ranging sheep and cattle: Current theory and future application Applied Animal Behaviour Science 111 (p108-119)
    • Tallowin, J.R.B., Rook, A.J. and Rutter, S.M. (2005) Impact of grazing management on biodiversity of grasslands. Animal Science 81 (p193-198)
    • Rutter, S.M. (2005) The role of diet selection in sustainable agriculture. Journal of Integrated Field Science 3 (p27-31)
    • Champion, R.A., Cook, J.E., Rook, A.J. and Rutter, S.M. (2005) A note on using electronic identification technology to measure the motivation of sheep to obtain resources at pasture Applied Animal Behaviour Science 95 (p79-87)
    • Orr, R.J., Cook, J.E., Young, K.L, Champion, R.A. and Rutter, S.M. (2005) Intake characteristics of perennial ryegrass varieties when grazed by yearling beef cattle under rotational stocking management Grass and Forage Science 60 (p157-167)
    • Champion, R. A., Orr, R. J., Penning, P. D. and Rutter, S. M (2004) The effect of the spatial scale of heterogeneity of two herbage species on the grazing behaviour of lactating sheep Applied Animal Behaviour Science 87 (p205-222)
    • Orr, R.J., Rutter, S.M., Yarrow, N.H., Champion, R.A. and Rook, A.J (2004) Changes in ingestive behaviour of yearling dairy heifers due to changes in sward state during grazing down of rotationally-stocked ryegrass or white clover pastures Applied Animal Behaviour Science 87 (p205-222)
    • Rook, A.J., Harvey, A., Parsons, A.J., Orr, R.J. and Rutter, S.M. (2004) Bite dimensions and grazing movements by sheep and cattle grazing homogeneous perennial ryegrass swards Applied Animal Behaviour Science 88 (p227-242)
    • Rutter, S.M., Orr, R.J., Yarrow, N.H. and Champion, R.A. (2004) Dietary preference of dairy cows grazing ryegrass and white clover Journal of Dairy Science 87 (p1317-1324)
    • Rutter, S.M., Orr, R.J., Yarrow, N.H. and Champion, R.A. (2004) Dietary preference of dairy heifers grazing ryegrass and white clover, with and without an anti-bloat treatment Applied Animal Behaviour Science 85 (p1-10)
    • Rutter, S.M., Young, K.L., Cook, J.E. and Champion, R.A. (2003) Strip grazing separate white clover and ryegrass monocultures increases daily intake and milk yield in dairy cows Tropical and Subtropical Agroecosystems 3 (p461-465)
    • Rutter, S. M., Tainton V., Champion, R.A. and Le Grice P. (2002) The effect of a total solar eclipse on the grazing behaviour of dairy cattle Applied Animal Behaviour Science 79 (p273-283)
    • Rutter, S.M., Orr R.J., Penning, P.D., Yarrow, N.H. and Champion, R.A (2002) Ingestive behaviour of heifers grazing monocultures of ryegrass or white clover Applied Animal Behaviour Science 76 (p1-9)
    • Orr, R.J., Rutter, S.M., Penning, P.D. and Rook, A.J. (2001) Matching grass supply to grazing patterns for dairy cows Grass and Forage Science 56 (p352-361)
    • Orr, R.J., Penning, P.D., Rutter, S.M., Champion, R.A., Harvey, A. and Rook, A.J. (2001) Intake rate during meals and meal duration, for sheep in different hunger states, grazing grass or white clover swards Applied Animal Behaviour Science 75 (p33-45)
    • Benson, J.A., Reynolds, C.K., Humphries, D.J., Rutter, S.M. and Beever, D.E. (2001) Effects of abomasal infusion of long chain fatty acids on intake in dairy cows Journal of Dairy Science 84 (p1182-1191)
    • Rutter, S.M. (2000) Graze: A program to analyze recordings of the jaw movements of ruminants Behaviour Research Methods, Instruments and Computers 32 (p86-92)
    Additional Information
    • Member of the Editorial Board of Frontiers in Veterinary Science
    • Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Integrated Field Studies



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