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    DASIE - Dairy Animal Sensor Integrated Engineering


    The DASIE project focuses on data and farm system integration, as well as the development of dedicated sensor technology which will enable dairy farmers to improve cattle health and welfare through continuous monitoring of animal behaviour.


    The DASIE (Dairy Animal Sensor Integrated Engineering) project aims to improve dairy cow health and welfare through the use of sensor technology.

    You can find more information at:

    The DASIE project has been co-funded by the UK’s innovation agency – Innovate UK, and is led by IceRobotics Ltd in association with Harper Adams, Dairy Crest and Kingshay.

    Funding Body

    Innovate UK

    Lead Organisation

    IceRobotics, Kingshay, Muller


    Click the file name to download the project file:


    Charlton, G.L., Rutter, S.M., Bleach, E.C.L. and Boyce, R. 2015. Validation of the CowAlert system to automatically detect lameness in dairy cattle. In: Proceedings of the 2nd DairyCare Conference, Cordoba, Spain, 3-4 March 2015. 

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