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    Staff Directory

    Dr Dimitrios Paparas

    BSc (Hons), MA, MSc, MSc, PGCE, PGDIPL, SFHEA, PhD

    Principal Lecturer in Economics

    Photograph of Dimitrios

    Teaching Duties

    • Economic and Business Environment
    • Economic Policies
    • International Economic and Business Environment
    • International Economic Policies
    • Business Economics
    • Farm Financial Management and Economics

    Research Interests

    • Fiscal policy
    • Public economics
    • Agricultural Economics
    • International trade
    • Education of Economics

    Professional Memberships

    • Higher Education Academy, Senior Fellow.
    • American Economic Association
    • Royal Economic Society
    • Scottish Economic Society
    • Chinese Economist Society
    • International Network of Economic Research


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    Other publications

    • Aboelsoud, M.E., AlQudahc, A. Paparas, D., (2020) Effectiveness of Interest rate policy on the management of macroeconomic stability: Evidence from the UK Journal of Organizational studies and Innovation Forthcoming
    • Jurkenaite, N. & Paparas, D. (2019) Lithuanian carrot market: production, foreign trade, and price transmission issues Ukrainian Food Journal 8 (1)
    • Paparas, D, and Richter, C. (2019) A synthesis of empirical research in the validity of Wagner’s Law. International Journal of Business and Globalisation 2 (4)
    • Rose, H., Paparas,D., Tremma, O., & Aguiar, LAK. (2019) Price Transmission: The case of UK and USA Broiler markets. Int. J. of Agricultural Resources, Governance and Ecology. 15 (4)
    • Jurkenaite, N. & Paparas, D. (2019) Towards better understanding of vegetable market functioning: the Lithuanian cases of fresh tomatoes and cucumbers Outlook on Agriculture
    • Aboelsoud, M.E., Paparas, D., Zouaoui, A., Kasim,M.K (2019) The dynamic interrelationship between interest rate and macroeconomic policy objectives: Case of the United Kingdom Journal of Economics and Political Economy 6 (4)
    • Jurkenaite, N., Paparas, D. (2019) The investigation of the Lithuanian Beef Meat Supply Chain Scientific Papers Series Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and Rural Development 19 (4)
    • Behrendt, K. & Paparas, D. (2019) Proceedings of the INFER Workshop on Agri-tech Economics 18 - 19 October 2019
    • Jurkenaite, N. & Paparas, D. (2018) Vertical Price Transmission along the potato supply chain in Lithuania Research for Rural Development. Annual 24th International Scientific Conference Proceedings 2 (2)
    • Stubley D, Paparas D, Tremma O, and Aguiar, LAK (2018) An Investigation into the Price Transmission between producers and retailers within the UK milk market. Advances in Business-Related Scientific Research Journal 9 (1)
    • Pickering T, Paparas D, Tremma O, and Aguiar, LAK (2018) (2018) Is there a significant change in the price transmission between producer and retail prices within the British Pork industry? Turkish Economic Review 5(2)
    • Paparas, D, Richter, C.. Kostakis, I. (2018) The validity of Wagner’s Law in the United Kingdom during the Last Two Centuries. International Economics and Economic Policy 16 (2)
    • Lopes, J. F., L. A. K. Aguiar, D. Paparas, I. P. Pereira, M. E. A. Canozzi, and J. O. Barcellos (2017) Evaluation of phenotypic and marketing variables that affect the selling prices of Braford bulls using quantile regression Journal of Animal Science 95(Suppl4)
    • Mu, H. and Paparas, D. (2016) Ready for the flipped classroom? Preliminary experiences of the new approach in teaching economics to non-major students Applied Economics and Finance 3 (2)
    • Paparas, D, and Richter, C., and Mu, H. (2016) An econometric analysis of the Twin Deficits Hypothesis in Greece during 1950-2013 Applied Economics Quarterly 62 (4)
    • Paparas D, Richter C, Paparas A (2016) Military Spending and economic growth in Greece and the Arms Race between Greece and Turkey Journal of Economics Library 3
    • Paparas, D, and Richter, C., and Mu, H. (2015) An econometric analysis of the Twin Deficits Hypothesis in Greece during 1950-2013 Applied Economics Quarterly Forthcoming
    • Mu, H. , and Paparas, D. (2015) Incorporating the advantages of clickers and mobile devices to teaching Economics to non-economists Cogent Economics and Finance Forthcoming
    • Paparas, D., Richter, C., and Paparas, A. (2015) Fiscal Policy and Economic Growth, Empirical Evidence in European Union Turkish Economic Review Vol 2, Issue 4, pp. 152-182.
    • Paparas, D., Richter, C., and Paparas, A. (2015) A Synthesis of Empirical Research in the Sustainability of Fiscal Policy Journal of Economics Bibliography Vol 2, Issue 4, pp. 106-125.
    • Richter, C. and Paparas, D. (2013) How Reliable are Budget Sustainability Tests? A Case Study for Greece International Journal of Public Policy 9(1/2)
    • Richter, C. and Paparas, D. (2013) The Validity of Wagner’s Law in Greece during the last two Centuries Applied Economics Quarterly 59 (4)
    • Richter, C. and Paparas, D. (2013) Tax and spend, spend and tax, fiscal synchronisation or institutional separation? Examining the case of Greece Romanian Journal of Fiscal Policy 4(2/7)
    Additional Information

    Honours and Awards:

    The Ernst Wagemann Best Article Prize 2013/14, German Institute for Economic Research.



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