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    TV star gives advice to students

    Posted 11 July 2011

    The harder you work the luckier you get.”

    Adam Henson with some of the HEC delegates

    Story by Frank Williams, on work experience from Burton Borough School, Newport

    Adam Henson, famous for his work on BBC “Countryfile” and “Lambing Live”, gave a presentation to students at the Higher Education Choices (HEC) conference at Harper Adams today. 

    More than 350 teenagers came from across the UK, spending three days at the University College in Shropshire, to experience what campus life is like.

    Adam spoke to the students about what they could do in the future in order to achieve their dreams and he encouraged them to work hard in order to find success. 

    He said: “Learn as you go along, life is one experience. The harder you work the luckier you get.”

    Adam also shared a lot of his knowledge about farming life from his agricultural background. He mentioned his farm on the Cotswold Hills, and his father’s passion for farming, that kick-started his career. 

    His father has done a lot of work with rare breed cattle and pigs, including saving Gloucester cows from extinction, an important source of meat for supermarkets today. 

    He told the students: “A lot of agricultural universities are full. You have to aim to be the best in your field to get these important places.” 

    Adam also gave advice on modern farming methods, telling students that a good knowledge of technology is needed these days to produce successful crop yields. 

    He spoke of new methods, such as satellite navigated ploughing, which provides an easier and more environmental friendly way thanks to fuel saving technology. 

    This shows the importance of gaining a wide range of skills, which are needed in today’s farming, including technological know how. 

    Due to the massive rise in population, an estimate of 10,000 new entrants are needed every year for the next ten years, to continue providing enough food for the country. 

    Adam then talked about the need of good business skills to keep a farm running and making profit, so that future generations of families can inherit it, and continue maintaining it. 

    A valuable piece of advice he shared, was the importance of making good contacts with people who have the skills that you need so that a farm can be run by people who together, have the whole expertise and understanding needed to do this. 

    He also stated the importance of being honest and professional about the products that you deliver, so that you can form a better relationship with clients.

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